'Green Lantern' Trailer: Costume Transformation Shot By Shot


Well, the Green Lantern trailer is finally here, and fan reaction is... mixed at best.

Opinion is split on everything to do with this Green Lantern movie - whether Ryan Reynolds is right to play Hal Jordan, if Blake Lively can act (I say yes), whether the movie looks too cartoonish and not "dark" enough, etc. However, one hot topic of debate currently raging is  whether Green Lantern's CGI costume looks good...or just plain silly.

Rather than force you to play the Green Lantern trailer over and over as you drum on your mouse for that shot-by-shot effect, we here at Screen Rant thought that we might make things easier by actually giving you a shot-by-shot, hi-resolution image sequence of Hal Jordan (Reynolds) powering up his ring and "putting on" his Green Lantern uniform.

First check out the trailer in its entirety, then we'll stack the images of Reynolds transforming into Green Lantern below, so you can check them out:


I have to admit that I think the CGI costume effects are pretty well done... right up until I get to that final image of the finished costume.

It should be understood that at this point the CGI effects are not finalized and are going to be polished in the coming months - so they'll likely look much better when the finished product hits theaters. (Remember the unfinished effects in that Iron Man superbowl TV spot fans were once up in arms about?)

But, as loyal fans we should - nay, must - help the filmmakers find their way. So it's in that helpful spirit that I'd like to present three things about the Green Lantern movie costume that I think could use some improvement:


1. The Color Tones

The colors are way too light in tone. Not every superhero outfit has to be "dark," but when you think about it, it would make more sense for GL's costume to be darker, with the green aura of the ring bearer's will providing the light. If a Green Lantern dies, and their light fades, it would look more fitting if their uniform had a darker tone to it (the absence of light). But that's just me.

2. The Texture

The actual "skin" of the outfit makes me feel like they might has well have gone with some cheap plastic/latex costume and skipped the CGI altogether. The color tones and "feel" of the outfit (especially around Reynolds' wrist and hands) reminds me of the Hal Jordan action figure I used to play with when I was a kid.


3. The Mask

I know in my heart and soul that there was never going to be an easy way to pull off a mask like the one Hal Jordan wears (whether it was CGI, makeup, or costume piece). However, the mask they've gone with strips Reynolds of virtually any chance he has of NOT looking silly. I will admit that in a previous magazine cover image, the GL mask actually played (thank you, airbrushing); in this trailer image, not so much. You can call me a blasphemer, but personally, I think the filmmakers would've been better off going with the "armor mask" worn by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. But again, that's just me.


Enough of my opinion - how do you guys feel after taking a closer look at Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume? Did the closer analysis sway your opinion, or do you feel the same way as before?

Green Lantern will try and shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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