First Official Images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern [Updated]

ryan reynolds green lantern costume

[Update: We now have a high-res pic of Reynolds as GL along with other new images!]

EW has posted a preview of their latest issue, which focuses on the upcoming 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Gracing the cover of the issue is one of the biggest films that will be a major focus of this year's Comic-Con: DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.' upcoming adaptation of Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds is playing the titular hero, Hal Jordan, and a few months back we learned that Green Lantern will be wearing a CGI costume in the film. Now you can see how the F/X-heavy outfit has turned out.

The first reaction I'm having to seeing this Green Lantern costume is "Weird." It echoes the traditional GL costume we know and love, only with more of an "organic suit" kind of feel that is reminiscent of the black symbiote suit from Spider-Man.

This is yet another superhero movie costume that is going to split fanboys down the middle of the love/hate divide. Check it out:


green lantern movie costume ryan reynolds hi res 2

Am I off the mark for calling this strange? I mean I get why it's being done this way - the early Green Lantern concept art suggested that the film was going for a more "alien organic" aesthetic, and some early set photos suggested that Green Lantern's emerald power ring was going to have a similar organic rock/mineral look to it. So, at least they're keeping things consistent...

Fanboys who look at this and are revolted by it: I get why you're displeased. It isn't what you would call "traditional" Green Lantern and in some ways it makes Reynolds himself look slightly like a CGI mo-cap character. However, Green Lantern is a superhero who flies through the deepest recesses of space while having epic battles with what are essentially mentally controlled lasers. A hybrid alien spacesuit/armor design is (admittedly) a pretty logical way to make all this cosmic warfare seem believable onscreen. We'll see how it holds up when the first footage from the film is presented.

The cool folks over at iFanboy put up some of the other images found inside this issue of EW - Check 'em out:

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As the cover indicates, it's all going down next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to Screen Rant's Official 2010 Comic-Con Page for the latest updates.

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: EW

Update Source: MTV Splash Page

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