The Most Powerful GREEN LANTERN Ever is Jessica Cruz

Even being killed by Darkseid can't keep DC's Green Lantern down - returning from the dead with more power than any Lantern before her!

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Face

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice League Odyssey #14

If anyone thought Green Lantern would let death stop her, they were sadly mistaken. In fact, Jessica Cruz hasn't just returned to life in DC's Universe, but come back with the powers of a god--making her the most dangerous and powerful Lantern to ever wear the ring.

The historic twist has taken place in the pages of Justice League Odyssey, after the villainous Darkseid managed to deceive Earth's heroes, and regained his full powers as a New God to get back to being pure evil. While he overpowered his enemies, only Jessica stood against him (in an homage to Captain America's Infinity War standoff). A noble act, but one that turned tragic when Darkseid killed Green Lantern in definitive fashion. First crushing her ringhand, then blasting her to ash and bone with his famous Omega Beams. But that was only the beginning...

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In case fans have forgotten, the Omega Beams fired from Darkseid's eyes are one of the deadliest weapons in the DC Universe, powerful enough to harm Kryptonians, destroy entire planets, and move about as fast as anything The Flash could ever cook up. Which made it all the more shocking when Jessica was a burnt out husk one minute, and awake and in fighting shape the next. Thankfully Arla Hax of the Zamaron Science Academy was on hand to explain her best theory:

Your Lantern ring was crushed into your hand. I believe the fragments, in some crude fashion, are repairing you... using the Omega Energy they absorbed. It was Darkseid, wasn't it? You are infused with high levels of Omega Radiation. You should be dead. But what should have killed you is healing you.

Apparently the shards being crushed into Jessica's body, and raising her hand to block the Omega Beam blast combined to perform some New God magic. The previous issue concluded with a tease of Jessica's new ability, but in Justice League Odyssey #14 she confirms fans' wildest hope. Unleashing the same Omega Energy upon Darkseid's forces as their own Lord commands:

Green Lantern Using Omega Beams

Obviously the landscape of DC's cosmic heroes has changed if Jessica Cruz boasts not only the power of a Green Lantern, but the Omega Energy of Darkseid himself. There's no telling what will happen if Jessica actually gets a chance to give Darkseid a taste of his own medicine, since he's been proven vulnerable to his own Omega Beams before. But will Jessica maintain her connection? Or will the Omega Energy leave her once she's healed, or the shards of her ring finally give all they're able? To find those answers, fans will just have to wait for the next chapter. Until then, be sure to read on below for the full credits and plot synopsis:

  • Written by: Dan Abnett
  • Art by: Will Conrad
  • Cover Art by: Will Conrad
  • An unknown warrior assembles Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and various heroes to form a new JLO as guardians of the Ghost Sector. Vastly outnumbered against Darkseid's savage para-angel strikeforce, they're going to have to fight their way through Darkseid's new multi-planet realm of Apokolips to take control of Sepulkore or die trying. What choice do they have? The entire universe is depending on them...

Justice League Odyssey #14 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from DC Comics.

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