First Image of Mogo in 'Green Lantern'

green lantern mogo image

A few days ago we posted new images from Martin Campbell's Green Lantern film - giving us a look at some of the character-drama moments from the upcoming superhero adaptation.

Today, we've got a first look at one out-of-this-world Green Lantern character -  the sentient planet Mogo.

In the comic-book universe, there are plenty of odd characters: mutants, aliens, cyborgs, demon-spawns, parahumans, and intergalactic beings - but among all the superhero franchises, the Green Lantern series is home to a one of the most robust collections of especially bizarre entities.

In addition to alien Lanterns such as Kilowog and Tomar-Re, not to mention antagonists such as The Red Lanterns and Parallax, the character/self-aware planet Mogo could be one of the strangest additions to the series. It should come as no surprise then that Mogo was originally conceived by Watchmen creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

It's been rumored for some time that Mogo would be featured in the upcoming film but, up until today, there hadn't been much evidence either way. Now, thanks to The Daily Blam, we've finally got some solid proof:

green lantern mogo movie

Despite the image, it's unclear how large a role Mogo will have in the final film - but one thing is for certain, despite a somewhat lackluster trailer and some questionable design choices for Ryan Reynolds' costume, Green Lantern seems set to offer some serious fan-service. Showcasing a less-commercial character such as Mogo certainly hints at the fact that not only will Green Lantern be an epic, and intergalactic, superhero film with a much broader canvass than its competitor's Earth-only comic books franchises - it'll also offer a number of onscreen surprises for longtime fans of the printed series.

The adaptation of the Mogo character from book to film is certainly successful - balancing Mogo's iconic Lantern Corps foliage marking with a real-world crater mark instead. How exactly Mogo, who can only interact with other characters in a limited capacity (as a result of his size), will fit into Hal Jordan's Hollywood origin story is still up in the air (especially without coming across as totally absurd). The character could merely appear orbiting the Lantern homeworld Oa (from a safe distance of course) or could have a large bearing on the plot (especially given one of the film's potential antagonists).

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Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17th, 2011.

Source: The Daily Blam

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