'Green Lantern' More Like 'Iron Man' than 'Batman Begins'

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Steve 'Interview Machine' Weintraub over at Collider had a chance to speak with Green Lantern director Martin Campbell recently, and had the good sense to ask Campbell the one question that really matters most regarding Green Lantern, in terminology that fanboys (and girls) everywhere will surely understand:

Will Green Lantern be more like Iron Man in tone, or are they looking to be the next Batman Begins/Dark Knight?

For those who don't yet speak geek: the whole Iron Man / Batman debate came about when both Iron Man and The Dark Knight were released in the summer of 2008. Both films were hugely popular (and lucrative) and naturally fans wanted to argue franchise was better.

One side claimed Iron Man was superior because it was 'a light and fun superhero adventure,' while others claimed the stylistic approach to  Batman Begins and The Dark Knight was better because it made comic book movies 'complex, serious and realistic.'

Flash-forward to 2010, where Batman Begins and Iron Man have been firmly established as two ends of the superhero origin movie spectrum. Regarding where Green Lantern fits into that spectrum (see what I did there?), Campbell had this to say:

“It will be much more in the tone of Iron Man. It’s got to be. Certainly not Batman Begins, which is a pretty dark movie. No, he’s the Hal Jordan character who’s the sort of shoot from the hip, irresponsible kind of cocky test pilot if you will. In fact, the character seems to be the least likely to be chosen as Green Lantern.  Well, of course that’s the fun of it. So no, it’ll be much more like Iron Man. So it’ll have one foot in reality if you see what I mean.”

To elaborate on that point, Campbell added this:

"…he’s a psychological character. His powers are psychological.   They’re to do with will and the enemy is fear and so on and so forth...So he’s a much more complex character and also’s the only superhero to go to another planet, so you’re creating at least another world...How do you create the lamp? What’s the origin of the lamp? You’ve got the guardians. You’ve got the central battery. You’ve got all this stuff that you’ve got to deal with, you know?"

There's much, much, more to what Campbell had to say about his vision and approach to Green Latern, but you'll have to go HERE to read it.

I'm not going to rant much on this - I'll just say that I agree with how Campbell views Hal Jordan: the character does have a lot of Tony Stark character traits. However, the 'fear is the enemy' part is equally crucial to the story of Green Lantern, and in my opinion, the movie (or later installments) must absolutely have moments that are as scary or heavy as Nolan's Batman films - if only because those are the dark moments Hal Jordan must overcome to display his true heroism. The moments that will make us, the audience, clap and cheer.

Read the rest of that Collider interview and let me know what you think about all this. Are you happy Green Lantern will follow in the vein of Iron Man?

Green Lantern is slated to hit theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: Collider

Artwork Source: Green Lantern: Secret Origin (by Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis)

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