Green Lantern Gets The Green Light

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Following the news that Green Lantern has acquired an award-winning film crew comes the news that the project has officially been green-lit. I think you'll agree that's a very important piece of the puzzle to put into place!

Word of Green Lantern officially moving forward comes from the visual effects supervisor, Karen Goulekas (Spider-Man, The Day After Tomorrow), who announced it on her blog. She said the film got green-lit a couple of days ago (Wednesday) and that shooting will take place ten weeks from now. Here's what Goulekas wrote:

"Wow! Been a long time since I posted! But today is a day worth posting about!

Green Lantern got the official green light today! And not a second too soon - only 10 weeks out from shooting!

While it's great news we are a go - now we have to actually get our prep done in 10 weeks!


But we have an amazing crew - so we will make it happen!"

Note: Supposedly Green Lantern is to have over 1300 visual effects shots. So take notice of the people who will be responsible for those as much as you would the director (Martin Campell - Casino Royale) or the stars...

So we have the project now green-lit and Ryan Reynolds in the titular role but we still have the little issue of the rest of the cast, who have yet to be, well, cast. Speculation has been fervent on the internet amongst Green Lantern fans as to who should be the villain and who should play him. Sinestro is the most often mentioned villain and people seem to be liking Hugo Weaving for the role. The love interest, Carol Ferris, has also been talked a lot about, with fives names including Jennifer Garner, Diane Kruger, Eva Green, Keri Russel and Blake Lively reportedly being considered for the role.

Which of those lovely ladies would you like to see on the arm of The Green Lantern? And who would you like to see go toe-to-toe with him?

Green Lantern is scheduled to hit theaters on June 17th, 2011. More to come from Screen Rant on the project as the news inevitably comes out.

Source: SuperHeroHype and Kegfx

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