New 'Green Lantern' Featurette & TV Spot: More Footage & Better Effects

We are finally coming to the end of Warner Bros.' exhaustive promotional campaign for Green Lantern. If you've been inside PENN Station here in New York City in the last few weeks, you know just how over-the-top the promo campaign for this film has been (hint: the whole station has been redecorated in Green Lantern posters and banners).

Today we have a new Green Lantern featurette and TV spot, both of which sport some new footage from the film, as well as effects work that looks even more polished than what we've seen in recent trailers and images.

Truly, it's been a long dramatic saga watching Green Lantern going through the trials and tribulations of big-screen production. When the first teaser trailer came out, many thought this film was D.O.A.; however, the effects teams at Sony Imageworks (and all the other teams helping them out) have been working their collective butts off trying to polish the look of Hal Jordan's costume, all the CGI alien characters and outer space locales of this film, and it looks like the may have actually pulled off something marvelous (no pun).

In addition, the new TV spot includes blurbs from media outlets, all of which have nothing but praise for the film (not that they'd feature the negative quotes). This positive buzz from this latest slew of critics echoes some earlier positive reviews of the film that reached the Internet recently, suggesting that Green Lantern could be another hit for DC/Warner Bros., as well as the superhero event film of summer 2011. We here at Screen Rant have picked GL as our predicted winner of this summer's superhero showdown, so hopefully it truly is as good as some people are saying.

Judge for yourself how things look:




It's pretty crazy how much better the CGI Green Lantern costume has gotten. When the teaser was released, the look of Ryan Reynolds' GL costume was almost universally panned by all but the most ardent fans. Just take a look at the photo below to jog your memory about how bad it was, then take another look at the same shot in that TV spot above (at 0:12):

Hal Jordan transforms into Green Lantern

Oh how far this film has come...

Green Lantern will be in theaters (in 3D) on June 17, 2011.

If you're still on the fence about seeing Green Lantern, watch these 8 clips from the film to see if it hooks your interest.

Source: Warner Bros.

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