Green Lantern's Cutest Enemy Has Returned To DC

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Warning: SPOILERS for Superman: Leviathan Rising Special

DC’s mysterious new crossover Event Levithan is about to begin, and it's a safe bet comic fans will spend the next weeks and months catching up on the Superman story once the massive twists and turns start to pile up. Which means Jimmy Olsen's incredible new lifestyle will truly be appreciated for its brilliance.

As part of DC 'setting the stage' for Leviathan with the supersized issue of Superman: Leviathan Rising Special, Clark Kent allows himself to be kidnapped by agents of the sinister, secret organization. Unfortunately for the intrepid reporter, this gambit proves to be a potentially fatal mistake when Talia Al Ghul enters the picture. A femme fatale who we now know was once in love with Jimmy Olsen, setting the stage for the photo journalist's latest romance. And the vomit-filled, Red Lantern adventure that soon follows.

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While on a press tour (in Gorilla City of all places) to promote his new coffee table photography book, Superman’s BFF Jimmy Olsen gets himself into a slight marital predicament. After having a bit too much Gorilla Champagne at a book signing the night before, everyone's favorite photographer wakes up in bed with a stranger and a wedding ring on his finger. After Jimmy's new bride--an inter-dimensional jewel thief named Jix, but that's not important--demands he annul their marriage, she bolts. Leaving Jimmy to deal with a stray cat she found while burgling. Left dumbfounded and naked, Jimmy heads to the bathroom... where he encounters a feline sight never to be matched in his lifetime:

Jimmy Olsen Dex Starr Red Lantern Comic

The exceptionally aggressive blue cat tearing his clothes apart is an inconvenience, but it isn’t until the furry little guy starts spewing copious amounts of bright red blood that it becomes apparent that this stray is none other than fan favorite Green Lantern adversary, the Red Lantern of Space Sector 2814, Dex-Starr! It's been a few years since Dex last appeared in comic form, so having him pop up in Jimmy Olsen's hotel bathroom is the last thing fans were expecting.

After wrangling his shredded and blood-drenched clothes away from Dex, the unlikely pairing embark on an adventure the likes of which fans will clearly demand receive its own ongoing series. In fact, when The Justice League mount a rescue mission to save Clark at the end of the issue, Jimmy and Dex are at the forefront of the team who kicks the door down. There’s obviously a ridiculous story to go along with these two, and in a world of multiverse crises and turmoil, sometimes it’s just a nice change of pace to read a comic about a quirky photo journalist and his cute rage filled space-cat.

With DC's Super Pets movie delayed to 2022, this adorably weird duo is just the team up needed to tide us over until then. Here's hoping the event itself will be as thrilling as Superman: Leviathan Rising Special, available at your local comic book store and direct from DC Comics.

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