Has Jason Momoa Just Teased A DCEU Green Lantern Comic-Con Announcement?

Jason Momoa may have just blown one of the biggest reveals from San Diego Comic-Con 2017: that Green Lantern is indeed coming to the DCEU. The DC Films panel is set to happen later today as part of the Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation and is expected to focus heavily on this November's Justice League, with new details and a trailer, but it will also look towards the future.

In that vein, the biggest DC character not yet officially set for the DCEU is Green Lantern, who has been rumored to make a surprise appearance since before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This speculation has only increased apace as Justice League approached, with many expecting him to be the seventh member of the team alongside Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. There have, of course, been incessant rumors of Armie Hammer circling the role, but they have been roundly disproven. While we don't have details, one star may have confirmed we will get details later today.

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa announced his arrival at SDCC ahead of today's event with an Instagram post of the Hall H panel and the banner being used for the DC portion of the event. It features the six confirmed members of the Justice League, as well as a seventh - a floating Green Lantern behind them. This would definitely suggest he's going to factor into the panel. Whatever the case, Momoa commented on the image saying, "I know something you don't know" and teased a big reveal - so at the very least something cool is coming.

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This is a general DC Films logo, a static version of the one that played before Wonder Woman and stoked similar rumors back in June. Back then it was easy to chalk it up as iconography or long-term planning, but now Hal Jordan is right there at a panel dedicated to DCEU reveals lends more credence to something major happening today.

What exactly a Green Lantern reveal would entail is unclear because of all those rumors. A Green Lantern Corp. movie has been unofficially set for 2020, but so much has changed since its current status is unclear. He may be getting a shock appearance in Justice League, although if that's the case it would be strange to announce it ahead of time, especially as the marketing so far has been very coy about the return of Superman; that could be one surprise appearance too many.

Whatever the case, we're sure to find out in a couple of hours if this is true or not. There's a lot of expectations for the panel, from Harley vs. Joker to the general future of the DCEU. Whatever we learn, it's not hard to believe Momoa when it says it'll be "F*cking amazing".

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