High-Res 'Green Lantern' Costume Images

Green Lantern Costume Pictures

Warner Bros. accomplished the impossible two weekends ago when they brought Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively down San Francisco for WonderCon 2011 to do press for Green Lantern. Their panel presentation showcased 10 full minutes of new (and awesome) footage and as a result, were successfully able to sway the opinion of some of the most hardcore fanboys and the press, brining a lot of fans and moviegoers back on their side after the weak first Green Lantern trailer.

Much of the concern about Green Lantern and its reliance on special effects centered on the actual Green Lantern costume that Ryan Reynolds sports in the film as his character, Hal Jordan, is enlisted into the Corps by Abin Sur.

When news first broke that Reynolds' Green Lantern costume would not be a practical effect, but rather a fully CGI costume, it was hard for many to get onboard with that idea - especially after the amazingly real costumes utilized in fellow DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. film, The Dark Knight and even in the Iron Man movies.

The first image of said costume debuted as a magazine cover and it resulted in mixed reaction, which turned into pure angst upon seeing the effects in live-action with arrival of the Green Lantern trailer.

With a few more months of time for the special effects, director Martin Campbell now has a much more exciting summer superhero movie on his hands, with a much better looking title character. Here are three new images of the updated Green Lantern get-up, from Warner Bros.

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Now compare to the Green Lantern costume from the first trailer to see the improvements. Note the added details from the full look at the entire costume. You can now see how the organic design of the suit extends to his legs, feet and even his individual toes, which awkwardly feels like he's naked in a strange sort of way. However, it does fit in with the film's design of this costume and how his fingers are individually shown as well. This is certainly unlike the other superhero "costumes" we'll see in theaters this summer.

Have your feelings on the CGI Green Lantern costume changed since our first look at Reynolds as Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern hits 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.


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