Green Lantern Corps: Every Update On The New Movie

Green Lantern Corps will tell the story of DC's intergalactic crime-fighting team. Warner Bros. previously attempted to bring the Green Lanterns to the big screen in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds starring as Hal Jordan. The latest attempt will pair an older Hal Jordan with a younger John Stewart, with a script for Geoff Johns. The Green Lanterns made their DCEU debut in Justice League, but this will mark their introduction into the shared universe's present-day story. Here's how their own franchise is shaping up in the meantime.

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  • Writer: Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns Is Writing Green Lantern Corps

Geoff Johns isn't overseeing DC Films anymore, but he's still heavily involved in Green Lantern Corpshe'll write the script and serve as a producer. Johns is already well-versed in the lore after writing Green Lantern comics for several years, including some very lore-heavy entries. This won't be the first DC movie Johns writes either, as he also helped Patty Jenkins write the screenplay for Wonder Woman 1984.

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Green Lantern Corps' Release Date Was Originally 2020

Green Lantern Corps Comic

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. announced a slate of films, including Green Lantern Corps slated to hit theaters in 2020. However, as with several movies in that DC slate, it may not make that release date. The lack of a director or cast makes it difficult to imagine Green Lantern Corps will be ready to hit theaters in around two years, and there are several DC movies that look ready to film in 2019 which could then hit theaters in 2020. Green Lantern Corps doesn't currently appear to be one of them.

The Idea Behind Green Lantern Corps

The idea for Green Lantern Corps is reportedly a buddy cop style movie starring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. As the protectors of Earth, they're part of an intergalactic group that calls the planet of Oa their base of operation. Through the use of their power rings, they can create anything their minds imagine. But, they aren't the only Lanterns in the galaxy. Red, Black, White, Orange, and other Lanterns exist, including the Sinestro Corps, who are powered by yellow power rings. These were introduced in the comics by Johns, so we could see this aspect explored here.

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Green Lantern Corps Will Celebrate The Mythology

Duncan Jones Has Green Lantern Corps Movie IdeaDuncan Jones Has Green Lantern Corps Movie Idea

With years of history built into the comics, including several from Johns himself, he's looking at Green Lantern Corps as a way to reimagine the group. Johns previously said the movie is "going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way." He went on to compare the new take to DC Rebirth. How exactly Johns does this remains to be seen, but he'll sort out the specifics as he continues to craft the script.

Previous Actors Considered For Green Lantern Corps Include Cruise and Wahlberg

Johns' Green Lantern Corps isn't the first version after David Goyer was attached. How much Johns plans to change isn't known, but one could be Hal Jordan's fate. There have been reports that Tom Cruise was being eyed for the role of Hal by WB for well over a year, but the latest news points to why it hasn't happened, yet. The earlier version of the script reportedly ended with Hal Jordan dying, something Cruise wasn't interested in if he was going to sign on. If Johns changes Hal's arc, then Cruise could still possibly join Green Lantern Corps in the future.

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