15Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick in Powers

Long a fan favorite for the role, Omari Hardwick would be an intriguing choice for John Stewart. Once an aspiring professional football player, Hardwick has become a dynamic actor, starring in everything from Spike Lee-directed war epics to the cheesy A-Team remake. He also had a small turn in another

beloved comic book movie, Kick-Ass, as Big Daddy’s former police partner.

Most notably, he’s spent three seasons as the lead on Starz’ acclaimed crime drama Power, where he portrays Ghost, a man with one foot in legitimate business and another in the world of large scale drug dealing. Hardwick plays the moral ambiguity of the role beautifully; he is, of course, a criminal, but he carries himself with the sort of dignity and intensity that one would immediately associate with John Stewart. Hardwick is probably overdue for a star-making movie role, and Green Lantern seems like it plays to a lot of his strengths.

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