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Warner Bros. is busy finding the necessary pieces to get the DCEU on track. Despite all three of the first films being financially successful at the worldwide box office, the critical reception has been lacking. This has caused not only a divide amongst moviegoers who enjoyed these films agains those that did not, but has also brought the studio to reconsider how to move forward with the DCEU. This change will first be felt in Justice League, as the film underwent a number changes early in production to lighten the tone and fill the universe with more hope.

Justice League will very much be a launching point for the universe with a variety of characters making their debut appearances, but one of those characters whose appearance is still up in the air is Hal Jordan or John Stewart. Green Lantern Corps is still a few years out according to its initial release date, but a lesser known Lantern is said to appear in Justice League to introduce the concept.

One of the last updates received for Green Lantern Corps was news that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes are writing the script. However, it now appears as though Goyer could be in line for an even larger role with the movie. Tracking-Board's Jeff Sneider said on Meet the Movie Press today that he has heard Goyer "could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself." Goyer is an experienced writer and has made the jump to direct before, but this would be a much bigger project than anything he's done before if he winds up directing.

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Goyer is no stranger to the DC world after being heavily involved in previous DCEU films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel, in addition to having worked on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. He has story credit on all three Nolan Batman films, but with Christopher and his brother Jonathan also being involved, it is not clear how much of the heavy lifting he did for that trilogy.

While Goyer's directing history may give some reason for concern, it could be the ultimate sign of faith in his script, something that has been hard to come by recently. The Batman and The Flash have had troubled scripting processes, so if Goyer's work on Green Lantern Corps is running smoothly, it isn't surprising to see WB hoping he could continue this process as the director. Unless this movie is the DCEU film that WB wants to get into production this year, there is not necessarily a rush to make this decision. But, if they do intend to start filming sometime this year, Goyer's name could be floated around for the next few months.

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Source: Meet the Movie Press

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