Green Lantern Corps Director & Character Details Possibly Revealed [Updated]

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According to a new report, Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt is Warner Brothers' choice to helm the DC Extended Universe film Green Lantern Corps. The superhero blockbuster, as previously reported, will feature both the Hal Jordan and John Stewart characters as its leads.

With the DCEU in full swing and Justice League coming in November, details about future DC films will be rapidly surfacing over the next year or two. One of the films that has been a part of the studio's plans for a long time is Green Lantern Corps, but with the movie not due out until July 2020, few details are available right now. We have known for a while that Green Lantern will not be a main part of the Justice League in their first DCEU outing - though based on the sheer number of rumors, a Green Lantern cameo in Justice League is difficult to rule out. However, if the latest report concerning the Green Lantern DCEU movie is accurate, then it may help to shed some light on that related matter.

According to an exclusive scoop from ThatHashtagShowWarner Brothers wants Wyatt to direct Green Lantern Corps - a film described by the site as "Lethal Weapon in space". The site re-affirms that the movie will feature both Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart, the two most popular versions of the Emerald Crusader, as Jordan teaches Stewart how to become a defender of Earth for the Green Lantern Corps. Casting has not started for the two roles, but the studio is supposedly looking for someone ages 39 to 50 for Jordan and 21 to 30 for Stewart. Like in the comics, the studio is looking to cast an African-American for Stewart, who was a sniper in the military before being recruited for the Green Lanterns.

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Freida Pinto and Rupert Wyatt on the Rise of the Planet of the Apes set

Wyatt hit it big as the director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011, which was a solid critical and financial success, but hasn't helmed a project of that scale since then. In fact, the only notable credits he's completed since Rise are the 2014 remake of The Gambler starring Mark Wahlberg and the pilot episode of Fox's The Exorcist series. This would not be the first time that his name is attached to a major superhero film, as he took over the Channing Tatum-led Gambit solo film that's being developed by Fox in 2015, before stepping down. Wyatt's own original science-fiction thriller Captive Statestarring John Goodman and Vera Farmiga, is due in August of 2018.

Warner Brothers has yet to comment on this report, but if it is accurate, then Wyatt may prove to be a solid choice. The Green Lantern mythology is intimidating and could be butchered if done without the correct amount of care, as seen with the 2011 Ryan-Reynolds Green Lantern film. Wyatt proved he could successfully integrate impressive special effects with good storytelling and characters in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which already makes him more qualified than some of the other people that Warner Brothers is certainly vetting.

The combination of Jordan and Stewart in the film could make for a tantalizing and exciting tandem - and their dynamic mirroring a buddy cop film would give the film a real human center in the midst of the intergalactic chaos. Casting the right actors will be very important in this respect too, of course.

[UPDATE: Umberto Gonzalez has shared a that he's heard different information regarding Wyatt helming a possible Green Lantern Corps. film.]

GREEN LANTERN CORPS/RUPERT WYATT UPDATE 2 - Sorry folks, looks like it might not happen. What the hashtag show is saying isn't accurate. RT

— Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) July 3, 2017

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Source: ThatHashtagShow

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