Green Lantern Corps Movie Will Reinvent What DC Fans Know

Geoff Johns has described his plans for Green Lantern Corps as "a complete re-imagining." In an interview at Comic-Con, he stressed that his current script celebrates the Green Lantern mythology - but also reinvents it.

In June, Johns stepped down from his executive position with DC Films. He's returned to the creative role he prefers, and at SDCC, comic book readers were thrilled to learn that his much-delayed Three Jokers miniseries would be released under the new DC Comics Black Label. That doesn't mean Johns has left the films behind him though, as he's been working on the script for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie.

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While talking with IGN during SDCC, Johns stressed that his script is still in the early stages. "I’m going to be hopefully delivering a script that Warner loves and DC likes and they want to make it," he explained, saying it’s "going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way." Johns compared the film to his "DC Rebirth" relaunch of the Green Lantern Corps comics, describing the movie as "a complete re-imagining."

Green Lantern Hal Jordan and John Stewart from Young Justice

The Green Lantern Corps movie has been in the works since 2015, when Warner Bros. first revealed their intention to relaunch the franchise after 2011's Green Lantern failed to perform at the box office. The film was originally given a 2020 release date, but that seemed unlikely until the announcement Johns had been brought on board to write the script. Johns is one of DC's most important figures, and his involvement in Green Lantern Corps suggests this may well be a priority for DC Films. He's also a writer who's perfectly suited to penning this script; Johns has been responsible for writing many of the most popular Green Lantern comics in recent years.

It's generally believed that Green Lantern Corps will be a sort of "buddy cop" movie, starring an older Hal Jordan and a rookie new Green Lantern, John Stewart. Johns is intimately familiar with both characters, understanding their personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. The decision to assign John as script-writer for Green Lantern Corps delighted fans. If Warner Bros. do still intend to release the film in 2020, then Johns's script will presumably be finished in the next few months, and passed up the chain to see if the studio approve. Production would then be expected to kick off in early-to-mid 2019 at the latest. Hopefully Johns will give another update at New York Comic Con later this year.

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Source: IGN

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