Green Lantern Corps: What Luke Evans Could Look Like as Sinestro

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Right now, the DC Extended Universe is in a state of flux as creative teams and executives struggle to find the balance between giving fans what they want vs ensuring their films are a monetary success. With a slate of features officially planned through 2020, DC and Warner Bros. still have time to get it right. One area that is in dire need of a clean up is space sector 2814; which will hopefully come with the next iteration of power rings in Green Lantern Corps.

DC's laughable Hal Jordan vessel from 2011, Green Lantern, is one film the studio would like to pretend never existed. With the solidifying of the DCEU and the promotion of Geoff Johns (who had a successful run writing Green Lantern Comics) to head of the DCEU, WB and DC look to righting the ship. With no new Lanterns cast yet, fans are hoping to see some version of the character in one of the two Justice League films.

Once Green Lantern Corps hits theaters, we could see at least three (human) Lanterns on screen: Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner. But what about the big bad? ScreenGeeks posted reported leaks of a DC/WB meeting from a now deleted Reddit thread that seemed to suggest Green Lantern Corps will be re-using Sinestro as its villain. And with Luke Evans rumored to be speaking with the studio, BossLogic has mocked up what the Beauty and the Beast actor could look like as the power ring abusing villain. Check it out:

Green Lantern - Luke Evans as Sinestro fan art

Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Brothers Grimsby) played Sinestro in the 2011 film, and was arguably the most tolerable character given he actually stayed true to the Sinestro from the comics. Among the laundry list of other rumors from the Reddit thread, there's also a note that Atrocitus could also be appearing in Green Lantern Corps. If the new film pits the Yellow and Red Corps (fear and rage, respectively) against the Green Lanterns, that could make for an exciting feature.

But a list of rumors that was leaked via Reddit should be taken with a grain of salt. Several actors names (Tyrese Gibson, David Ramsey) have been mentioned when it comes to casting John Stewart, but there's been nary a whiff of anything official from DC. It has also long been hinted that George Miller is being courted to direct a DCEU film -- could Green Lantern Corps be the film that the Mad Max: Fury Road director gets attached to? This far out from the actual release date, anything could happen. But if any of the rumors are even half true, Green Lantern Corps is shaping up to be a much darker (and far more interesting) film than its 2011 predecessor.

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Source: BossLogic, ScreenGeek

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