'Green Lantern' Concept Art Reveals A Look At Oa

Green Lantern

The planet Oa lies at the center of the (DC Comics) universe and serves as the home base for the Green Lantern Corps and their immortal founders, the blue-skinned Guardians of the Universe.

Two pieces of concept art for the Green Lantern movie have made their way online and they offer an early look at the design and structure of civilization on Oa in the film.

Ryan Reynolds will star in Green Lantern as Hal Jordan, a gifted but arrogant test pilot who is the first human ever selected to join the GL Corps. We've already gotten to see Reynolds in his GL outfit (which is mostly computer-generated), as well as Peter Sarsgaard in costume as the villainous Hector Hammond, and the final look for Kilowog, Jordan's extra-terrestrial drill sergeant and comrade. Now we also have a better idea of how the planet of Oa will appear in the actual Green Lantern film.

The first piece of concept art reveals the look of Oa's rocky terrain; a mountainous outcrop that is likely Memorial Hall (i.e., a temple of sorts, dedicated to the fallen Green Lanterns of the past); and what may be the Guardian's Chamber (the massive peak near the center of the image).

Check it out below:

Green Lantern movie concept art Oa

Here's a better look at the tiny figurines (one of which looks like Jordan) in the image's foreground:

Green Lantern movie concept art Oa

This other piece of concept art focuses on the Oa settlements and showcases the power of the Green Lantern Corps, who are responsible for that enormous green beam shooting out from the planet's surface.

Have a look below:

Green Lantern movie concept art Oa City

An official trailer for Green Lantern will be attached to prints of this November's seventh Harry Potter movie and it will (hopefully) not only provide us with a look at Oa in its final form, but should also gives us an idea of how Reynolds looks in action as the latest incarnation of GL.

Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on June 17th, 2011.

Source: Warner Bros.

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