'Green Lantern' Adds Two Dads & A Bounty Hunter

Just catching up on a bit of Green Lantern casting news that seems to have slipped by us here at Screen Rant, please bear with.

Three more actors have been added to the star-studded cast of Green Lantern: Jay O. Sanders (Edge of Darkness), Jon Tenney (The Closer) and Temuera Morrison (Attack of the Clones) will join Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Angela Bassett in the DC/WB blockbuster.

But who will Sanders, Tenney and Morrison be playing? You'll have to keep reading to find out...

If the title of this post didn't tip you off, Sanders and Tenney will be playing characters from the generation that (literally) sires Hal Jordan (Reynolds) and his love interest, Carol Ferris (Lively.)

The Examiner recently reported that Sanders will play Carl Ferris, the father of Carol Ferris and owner of Ferris Air, where Hal Jordan works as a test pilot prior to getting his emerald makeover. Superhero Hype broke the news that Tenney will be playing Martin Jordan, the father of Hal Jordan.


[SPOILER ALERT if you don't know Green Lantern comic book history!]

Now, in the Green Lantern comic book lore the Ferris and Jordan families have a very interwoven history. Martin Jordan, Hal's father, was a test pilot working for Ferris Air, where Hal grows up and discovers his affinity for flying.  One day, while doing stunts in a prototype Ferris Air plane, Martin Jordan experiences a serious technical malfunction and chooses to crash the plane and sacrifice himself, rather than endanger a stadium of onlookers - including his young son, Hal.

Witnessing his father's death is the defining moment in Hal Jordan's life. After seeing something that horrible, Hal is no longer afraid of anything (his eventual source of strength as a Green Lantern). Carl Ferris feels so guilty about Martin Jordan's accident that he keeps Hal close and eventually gives him his father's job, testing planes for Ferris Air. Hal grows up with a lifelong crush on Carl's daughter, Carol, a kindred spirit who has the same love of flying that Hal does. However by the time Hal and Carol grow up, they've grown apart (she becomes his boss), but their fates stay entwined even as Hal embraces his super hero destiny (for more on that story, go HERE).

That's the comic book mythology, and from what I gather, the movie will follow a very similar story arch.



I'm not all that familiar with Tenney, and am only familiar with Sanders from bit roles he's played in films like Edge of Darkness,  but all in all, they seem like good choices for these small, but pivotal, supporting roles.

Hal Jordan meets the father of his destiny, Abin Sur

Speaking of "small but pivotal supporting roles," actor Temuera Morrison - who you know as Jango Fett from the Star Wars prequels - was cast as Abin Sur in Green Lantern awhile back. We reported it, but I seemed to have missed it (so maybe you did too?).

Abin Sur is an alien member of the Green Lantern Corps who crash lands on Earth and delivers Hal Jordan his destiny in the form of an Emerald Power ring.  For an idea of what Morrison will look like as the character, see the pic above or check out the Green Lantern concept art we recently posted.

That should get you all caught up with Green Lantern casting news. The film hits theaters on June 17, 2011.

Sources: Superhero Hype & The Examiner

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