Latest Green Lantern Rumor: Bradley Cooper As Hal Jordan?

Wow, will the Green Lantern casting rumors ever end? Seems like the DC movie characters are subject to just as much speculation as the Marvel movies (we’re seeing similar rampant speculation with Thor).

To sum up some of the actors rumored to play the emerald knight so far - in October of last year we heard Ryan Gosling may play the part but it didn’t come to be. Then, earlier this year, we heard the thankfully-debunked Anton Yelchin rumor in February, followed by the Chris Pine rumor in March, and then Brian Austin Green in April. To follow the monthly rumor trend, for May our latest Green Lantern actor rumor is for... Bradley Cooper.

I became a big fan of Cooper based on his role in the J.J. Abrams show, Alias, where I thought he was a standout. Unfortunately he wasn’t in the show as long as I would’ve hoped but since then he’s been getting more and larger roles in some big movies. Recently, he had a big part in He’s Just Not That Into You and in Yes Man, and this summer you’ll be seeing him as a lead in The Hangover, which may be one of the funniest movies of the year. You can expect to see a lot of him in the near future with large parts in several movies coming up that all feature major Hollywood talent.

This casting rumor comes from Drew McWeeny over at HitFix who made a bunch of phone calls to track down this Bradley Cooper/Green Lantern rumor. Drew reports that Cooper is one of the most likely candidates for the role and that they’ve done much more than just having meetings about him playing the part.

Unlike the Thor casting rumors where there’s one preferred choice for me, I have a difficult time picking a favorite for this role. I liked the Chris Pine idea, and then I fell for the Brian Austin Green possibility, now I’m really into the Bradley Cooper candidacy.

Similar to Thor having casting announcements next month, expect more announcements soon for Green Lantern as it is scheduled to start filming later this summer with its hefty $150 million budget.

Who do you think should play Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern hits theaters December 17, 2010.

Source: HitFix

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