What Armie Hammer as Green Lantern Could Look Like

Armie Hammer Green Lantern Corps Casting

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.'s Justice League is set to premiere later this year, with a lineup consisting of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash. Superman will also make an appearance, despite having died in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Having said that, the League is missing their seventh member - namely, the Green Lantern. The rumor mill has been pouring out speculation about whether we'll see the character in the upcoming Justice League DC Extended Universe movie or not - and which Green Lantern it will be (Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and so forth).

One of the names that has been cropping up for months has been Armie Hammer, who is rumored to play the Hal Jordan character in the DCEU. Australian freelance graphic designer and artist Junior Logoifiti recently tweeted his rendition of the actor as Green Lantern. Check it out below:

Newest art of @armiehammer as #GreenLantern / Hal Jordan !

— SENTRY (@sentrydesigns) March 21, 2017

There has yet to be any official mention of Green Lantern appearing in Justice League, even now that principal photography has wrapped. Henry Cavill recently teased that a Green Lantern casting reveal may happen soon, while Hammer likewise said he was still in the running for the character despite a recent injury to his arm. He told audiences at a press event at SXSW for the film Free Fire that he is, "Okay now. I’m in physical therapy. I have another month of that. I don’t know (if I'm still in the running for Green Lantern Corps). Technically (I am), because they haven’t hired anyone.”

With production for Justice League wrapped and no actor cast in the role, it is likely that Green Lantern won't be making an appearance in the team-up film. Batman V Superman made big announcements when the production hired actors for what amounted to cameo appearances as Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman, so it follows that the studio might do the same for Justice League.

However, pickup shoots for Justice League have yet to take place, so a Green Lantern cameo could plausibly be filmed then. There's also something that needs to be said of the first image that director Zack Snyder shared of Jason Momoa as Aquaman way back, which promised to "Unite the Seven." The plan could still be for a brief Lantern appearance in Justice League and WB is just holding onto that secret for as long as they can. It's even possible that Hammer has already been cast, but is unable to say anything because of an NDA and is lying to us. It wouldn't be the first time an actor has done so at the behest of a studio.

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Source: Sentry

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