Green Lantern Animated Series On The Way

[Note: The images in this post are NOT from the upcoming Green Lantern animated series - but you get the idea.]

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Cartoon Network will be unveiling Green Lantern: The Animated Series in 2011, coinciding with the live-action Green Lantern movie, which will hit theaters in June of that same year.

The Green Lantern cartoon series represents yet another facet of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.' plan for total brand-expansion. Yesterday we reported on DCE/WB's latest plans for their slate of upcoming superhero movies.

The immediate question I have about this GL animated series is will it be set within the continuity of the Green Lantern movie, or will it be its own separate show?

If the animated show follows the movie continuity, it kinda limits the story possibilities (gotta save the sweetest stuff for the movie trilogy!); on the other hand, it's easy enough to understand why DCE/WB would want to spread their fledgling movie universe across multiple media platforms. If comic book geeks already buy multiple issues of a series in order to follow one story, why wouldn't they watch a movie, a cartoon series and (inevitably) play a video game to follow a story?

Green Lantern cartoon series

As for what the animated series will focus on: no official details have been released as of yet, but you don't have to be a genius to guess that it will follow Green Lantern playing super-cop across the universe. And while DCU's recent animated feature Green Lantern: First Flight wasn't my favorite, it was still epic enough to be entertaining. Green Lantern - with all his intergalactic travels and crazy power ring effects - is in some ways best suited for a cartoon series. I will be watching.

The final question I have is: which Green Lantern will we be getting in the animated series? Logically the first (and best) guess is Hal Jordan, who will be the focal point of the movie. That's what I'm going with, though I suspect Green Lanterns Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart and Kyle Rayner will all be making appearances, along with many characters from the comic book continuity.

Green Lantern Corps animated series

I do hope the show functions as its own separate universe from the movie. Batman: The Animated Series was released in the Fall of 1992 following the Summer release of Tim Burton's Batman Returns, and while the Bats animated series had a Burton-esque feel to it, it still stood apart as its own universe. The results were pretty great.

What do you guys think of this Green Lantern cartoon series? Should it follow the movie continuity or should it be its own thing? Will you be tuning in?

Green Lantern: The Animated Series is expected to premiere on Cartoon Network in the Fall of 2011.

Sources: THR via Superhero Hype

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