Bruce Timm Talks 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series'

Bruce Timm Talks Green Lantern The Animated Series

With Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern feature film on the horizon, poised to be the next big sci-fi superhero experience (or perhaps another nail in the superhero genre’s coffin?) you can expect to see all manner of GL-related media and memorabilia popping up in the next year and after.

The most prominent of which will, without a doubt, be the computer-generated Green Lantern: The Animated Series, expected to launch in fall of 2011.

Back in October, courtesy of NYCC and series producer Bruce Timm, we brought you a massive amount of plot information and concept art from the forthcoming series - the look of which is heavily reminiscent of previous animated DC series, including Justice League: Unlimited and Batman: The Animated Series, as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yesterday, MTV Splashpage talked to Timm once again to suss out just a few more details.

For those wondering if the plot of the series will follow the plot of the movie, Timm says:

"[The animated series] doesn't follow the direct continuity of the [live-action] movie or [the 2009 animated movie] First Flight or anything that we've done before, but it doesn't contradict them either. They're all pretty consistent in terms of Hal Jordan being the Green Lantern and so forth, so hopefully by the time our show comes on, people will have seen the Green Lantern movie — several times, hopefully — and they'll know the back story, so we can go off from there."

Hal Jordan from Green Lantern The Animated Series

Concept art for Green Lantern: The Animated Series

This sounds a lot like the incredibly successful formula used for Batman: The Animated Series, which Timm also produced. Of course, anybody who has seen both Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman: TAS knows that the latter didn’t fall completely in line with the 1989 film, continuity-wise, but there were a number of similarities - and even direct references on occasion (not the least of which was Danny Elfman’s legendary theme).

As to whether or not the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern's origin will appear in the series, Timm said:

"We've already done the origin story in First Flight, and I'm sure we'll be re-releasing that to take advantage of all the Green Lantern publicity next year. The movie itself is going to be his origin story, so people will know his origin story and we don't have to waste time with it yet again."

Green Lantern The Animated Series Red Lantern Atrocitus

From Green Lantern #54, drawn by Doug Mahnke

According to Bruce Timm, the 26-episode long first season will generally involve standalone episodes with a “broad arc” showcasing the rise of the Red Lanterns, whose powers are rage-based (Red obviously equals rage, people!). For Green Lantern comic book fans expecting to see the Black Lanterns sometime soon, don’t get your hopes up.

"We don't get into the whole Black Lantern thing. Hopefully the show is a big hit and will go on for six or seven years, and we'll do the Black Lanterns somewhere down the line, but for now we don't have any plans to go down that route."

Okay, so ix-nay on the Lack-bay Anterns-lay, at least for the time being, but Bruce Timm curiously neglected to mention the other variously-hued lantern corps, such as Sinestro’s yellow (fear-fueled) Sinestro Corps, the blue (hope-fueled) Blue Lantern Corps, the violet (love-fueled) Star Sapphires, the indigo (compassion-fueled) Indigo Tribe, and the orange (greed-fueled) single entity known as Larfleeze. Previously, Timm hinted at the possibility of other Lanterns and Corps showing up in the first season, if only minimally. Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that they will.

Green Lantern The Animated Series War of Light

From the Green Lantern War of Light, drawn by Ethan Van Sciver

Bruce Timm reiterated that none of the other DCU superhero mainstays would make an appearance in the GL animated series, saying:

"It's a science-fiction show, so this means Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, they're not showing up. It's all about the Green Lantern Corps."

But isn’t the story Superman science-fiction, Bruce Timm? Isn’t it?

Green Lantern First Flight

A scene from Green Lantern: First Flight

Lastly, Timm talked a bit about the upcoming animated feature called Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, set to be released a few weeks after the feature film, which some have speculated is a sequel to First Flight. Apparently not.

"This one focuses directly on the other members of the Green Lantern Corps. It's similar in format to the Batman: Gotham Knight movie we did a couple of years ago, with six individual stories all tied up in an overall arc. [Emerald Knights] is similar in that each of the individual stories focuses on one of the other Green Lanterns."

Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights are slated for a June 2011 release. Meanwhile, Green Lantern: The Animated Series is set to premiere Fall 2011. Next year has the potential to be a really fantastic year for Green Lantern fans – or, you know, the opposite of fantastic.

Source: MTV Splashpage

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