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SR Forum Jan 24 2017 - Star Wars 8 Black Adam Green Lantern

For years, we've published a series of Open Discussion posts each week. It's been a place for readers to chat about anything - movies, television, or otherwise. Those Open Discussion posts became increasingly popular and we bumped them from a weekly article, up to three times-per-week. As the Screen Rant readership continues to grow, not only did we want to continue hosting a place to discuss subjects that pique your interest, but we also wanted to update the Open Discussions to make them more useful to commenters as well as easier to find.

Starting this week, we are changing the format and layout of the Open Discussion posts. The new SR Forum will only be published once per week and will be a staple part of the Screen Rant homepage where a link to the post will always be available on our new sidebar navigation in the "topics" section - you won't have to wait for a new Open Discussion, the most recent one will always be a simple click away. With this new format, we'll also be highlighting several of the most popular topics, stories, and features that were published during the week. In the short recap, you'll find links and information on the following: movies, television, trailers and the upcoming week's film openings.

The new SR Forum is still a completely open discussion and you can talk about anything you like (within reason) - whether we mention it in the recap or not. Just remember, the same rules apply to the new SR Forum as they did to the Open Discussion posts.

Movie News

Shazam - Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam Fan Art by George Evangelista

As some fans guessed as far back as 2015, Rian Johnson's Star Wars saga installment is titled "The Last Jedi". What does it mean and does it fit the franchise's naming conventions?

One of the biggest announcements this week had to be the reveal of a planned Black Adam solo movie - which will enter the DCEU ahead of Shazam! There's also a rumor we could see Dwayne Johnson (as Black Adam) make a cameo appearance in a future movie. Aquaman, perhaps? Which DCEU film are you hoping will get a cameo from Black Adam?

After the much-maligned Green Lantern movie from 2012, Warner Bros. is preparing to relaunch the character with a Green Lantern Corps new movie. Eventually someone has to portray the Emerald Guardian and the short list is in: Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden and... the return of Ryan Reynolds?

In additional Dwayne Johnson news, The Rock is back and this time he's trying to combine two properties that will thrill fans of 80's action figures: G.I. Joe and Transformers. The crossover has happened in the comics (and sandboxes around the world). The big screen may be a logical (and profitable) next step.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't kidding when he said, "I'll be back" - though, he probably didn't mean in a movie reboot. Reboot or sequel news (especially of iconic sci-fi cinema) are generally met with a not-so-thundering, "Meh." But, with Cameron pushing the new Terminator project and Miller directing, things are already very interesting.

TV News

Witchblade comic book
Witchblade comic book is finally being adapted (to TV)

Six seasons of Game of Thrones have passed with at least more on the way - and it viewers can't get enough of the Seven Kingdom's warring families. To that end, HBO recently told creator George R.R. Martin they'd be much more interested in producing a prequel, rather than a spinoff - but will it (and should it) happen?

Harley Quinn has become a big deal to general audiences; though, Mister J's psychotic lover has always been a fan favorite among fans. Whether it's a voice cameo in Arrow, or giving Batman grief in an animated series, Harley usually steals her scenes. Now the character may be headed to Gotham this season. Can TV Harley upstage Margot Robbie?

Now for some big news... measuring in somewhere between 20 and 30 feet tall (depending on which adaptation you're using), Bolivar Trask's Sentinel army has played a crucial role in the X-Men's story. It makes sense Fox would want to include them in the future X-Men television show. Will viewers finally get to see a traditional (and full-sized) sentinel in live-action?

Since 1995, Witchblade has been a long-running comic series, transformed into a manga and an anime series, and adapted for live-action television once before - so it's not surprising NBC is rebooting Witchblade as a new TV series. Let's hope this property fares better than the short-lived Constantine.

New Trailers

Power Rangers - The Team meets Alpha-5
The Team meets Alpha-5 in new Power Rangers trailer

Between Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudekis and Kaiju stomping all over the place, the teaser trailer for Colossal looks like a monstrous amount of fun. Psychically linking to a rampaging monster is a new twist on the gigantic monster trope.

While we're discussing monsters stomping on cities - Power Rangers dropped a new trailer this week. There's plenty of fresh material to discuss, including first live-action looks at Zordon, Alpha-5, and Rita's Putty Patrollers. Oh yeah, the Rangers also form Megazord and punch Goldar in the face.

There's no shortage of superhero-based movies coming out this year - Logan is the first of the bunch. Hugh Jackman has said numerous times that he's retiring the mutton chops after this movie, but fans hope that changes as this film looks to be the first genuinely great Wolverine adaptation.

Movies Opening This Week

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil The Final Chapter

A Dog's Purpose looked promising until a horrifying video surfaced last week suggesting that a German Shepherd had been forced into turbulent waters and (what appears to be the same dog) nearly drowning moments later. A lighthearted, feel-good family flick, is now (with investigations pending and actors distancing from the project) tainted by scandal.

A pot-bellied, balding Matthew McConaughey searching for gold deep in the rain forest, fighting to save the fortune of his new company, and petting a tiger. Alright, alright, alright?

Allegedly the final installment of the highly lucrative Resident Evil movie franchise (which has pulled-in $950 million worldwide). However, we've heard that all before (looking at you The Final Destination, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter).


As with any new project, we'll be updating and modifying the SR Forum post as we find new and interesting ways to present the information and discussion. Give us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. As usual, talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself.

Captain Marvel Valkyrie SR
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