Green Lantern: First Look At Abin Sur

Screen Rant at Comic-Con 2010

It's preview night at the San Diego Comic-Con and at the Warner Bros. display there was a glass case that contained an alien-looking deceased individual. It was only a model, of course - but for those with any knowledge of the Green Lantern backstory it was obvious that it was Abin Sur: The Green Lantern who crash landed on Earth and passed his ring on to test pilot Hal Jordan.

Seems Abin Sur will be a CGI creation in the film, but for Comic-Con a full-size model was created. It seems he was either killed due to an injury sustained from his crash landing, or since we don't know how the film is approaching this part of the story, he may have been injured some other way (shot down, perhaps?). In any case, it's interesting to note the look of the character resembles that of the recent Green Lantern costume, with striations over his body resembling exposed muscle.

Well... see for yourself.

First Look at Abin Sur
Another look at Abin Sur from the Green Lantern movie

Here are some other looks at it from CinemaBlend and

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Green Lantern is currently scheduled to open on June 17, 2011.

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