Green Lantern... a comedy??

Man oh man oh man... if this isn't the reason for the existence of, I don't know what is...

From CBR:

"Not only is the planned "Green Lantern" movie featuring the Kyle Raynor Green Lantern character, but the executive in charge of making the Green Lantern movie wants to make it a comedy. The choice for the ring bearer?"

"Jack Black."

Jack Black? Green Lantern a COMEDY? Now admittedly I don't follow the comic book, but apparently Kyle Raynor is a rather controversial Green Lantern. Why not go with the well-established Hal Jordan or even John Stewart (currently GL on Cartoon Network's very popular Justice League).

Can someone please explain to me why DC seems to be genetically incapable of getting their act together and producing decent superhero movies from their great archive of characters, while Marvel pumps out one killer movie after another?

Oy, it makes my head hurt...


[July 16, 2004: Story update here]

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