5 Ways to Save 'Green Lantern 2'

We all know it: Green Lantern (2011) missed the mark, and missed it by a mile (read our review, if you must), ultimately stranding any plans for Green Lantern 2 in limbo.

The hero might end up getting a second chance alongside the rest of DC's finest in Justice League... if it ever gets made. But we're still convinced (as is DC executive and GL-mastermind Geoff Johns) that the character could work on film, given the right set-up and story.

Rather than nitpick every single thing the movie got wrong (we've done that already), we've put together a plan for not only convincing fans that the mistakes of the first movie wouldn't be repeated, but also delivering an adventure worthy of the character, while providing enough mythos for future sequels.

Read on for our instructions on How To Save Green Lantern 2 in 5 Easy Steps.

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5 Ways to Save 'Green Lantern 2'