6 Actors Who Should Play The Next 'Green Lantern'

Chri Pine Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Why even deny that after all these years, we still think Chris Pine would make a perfect Hal Jordan? We were disappointed when the rumors of him being considered for Green Lantern (2011) proved to be for naught, so perhaps fate is conspiring to right a terrible wrong. In the years since, Pine has proven an even more bankable star anchoring not only Star Trek but the upcoming Jack Ryan (2013) reboot, poised to kickstart the espionage franchise if successful.

The similarities between James Kirk and Hal 'High-Ball' Jordan are clear to any comic or movie fan, so there's no question he could do the character justice. Granted, two franchises is quite a tall order, but if Jack Ryan receives even moderate reviews or box office returns, the door could be wide open.

We still maintain that Pine could also turn in a fitting portrayal of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash, but if given the chance, we'd still cast him as Hal Jordan in a heartbeat.

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