6 Actors Who Should Play The Next 'Green Lantern'

Green Lantern Actors Justice League

Even if a Justice League film is far from being made by Warner Bros. and DC Comics, there's no question the studio wants the movie to become a reality at some point. Before that can happen, the Green Lantern casting situation must be resolved - whether or not WB follows our 5 Ways To Save Green Lantern 2.

The choice is to bring back Ryan Reynolds - after a critically-panned first outing - or recast the role, possibly even following a different main character. We've explained in the past why sticking with Reynolds could work, but the actor might make the decision much easier for all involved, now claiming to have "little interest" in repeating the same mistakes.

A Justice League movie will be including a ring-slinger, so here are 6 Actors Who Could Play The Next Green Lantern.

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