'The Green Inferno' Trailer #3: An Exotic Travel Massacre

BH Tilt (an offshoot of the Blumhouse Productions production studio) has just dropped the third trailer for American horror director Eli Roth's upcoming feature film, The Green Inferno. The new film is being billed as a thriller set against an undisclosed, tribal island in the Amazon, where a group of idealistic student activists are taken hostage by the local natives, who prove to be a little more dangerous and self-sufficient than expected.

While we've certainly seen some of the scare tactics embedded within this self-same (and tacitly lazy) form of xenophobia from Eli Roth before (see the Hostel trilogy), The Green Inferno appears to offer something new this time around, even if the new trailer at times feels thematically recycled from past exploitation feature successes.

In the trailer, Blumhouse Productions stresses Eli Roth's past successes, with title shots interspersed between the action depicted onscreen, announcing the arrival of the newest horror genre film from Eli Roth, the director of both Hostel and Cabin Fever. And if that's not enough of an endorsement to get your appetite for sadomasochism going, then it might make you more even more excited to discover that The Green Inferno is being produced by the same masters of high decibel terror as that gave you the Insidious, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity feature-film franchises.

If all goes well and according to plan, The Green Inferno will be a triumphant return to the director's chair for Eli Roth, who has spent the better part of his nearly two decade-long career more often than not behind the scenes as a producer for other horror genre films and franchises - or in front of the camera in small, cameo roles in other directors' works (see Inglourious Basterds or The Man With the Iron Fists). It also doesn't hurt that The Green Inferno supports the first starring role for twenty-five-year-old Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo, who some might know from her mesmerizing turn in the off-beat comedy Sex Ed (starring Haley Joel Osment) of last year.

The Green Inferno Trailer #3

If nothing else, after the rigamarole the film has gone through in terms of post-production woes after being initially completed in 2013, and changing hands between production companies, it will be a blessing to finally be able to see it at all. Green Inferno will hit theaters this September, a full year after it was initially slated for release. While it would still be nice to finally see a domestic release date set for Eli Roth's starring turn in the still forthcoming horror movie ClownThe Green Inferno should serve as a nice appetizer, in the meantime.

So, regardless of whether or not you find Eli Roth's tastes for schlock and gore vile and repulsive, or pruriently fascinating due to his characteristic use of a finely tuned aesthetic for the unsettling, his fourth directorial effort will be coming to a theater near you very soon.

The Green Inferno will see a domestic release in theaters on September 25th, 2015.

Source: BH Tilt

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