Green Hornet & Tron Legacy Fight For Release Date

For those of you following the troubled development of Seth Rogen’s upcoming adaption of The Green Hornet, the movie was officially delayed five months from its original summer, 2010 scheduled release to December 17th. According to to the star of the movie, this was a very positive thing as it allowed for more time to finish post production and not rush the film.

Fortunately for moviegoers, the movie is now on the right track and has entered into production as of yesterday. Most of the film’s cast is now locked down with Tom Wilkinson and David Harbour representing the latest additions and we received official confirmations for  Cameron Diaz and Edward James Olmos having roles in the film.

Everything was looking on the up and up... until now. Disney's moving in to fight for that same release date for their 3D movie, Tron Legacy. But that's not all, there's two other films scheduled for that holiday weekend as well...

For The Green Hornet, there’s still one more actor who’s in negotiations – Nicolas Cage, who will reportedly be playing the gangster villain of the film, giving the cast several bankable actors and starpower.

What’s interesting about The Green Hornet’s new release date is that Disney is seemingly moving up the Tron sequel to compete for this spot. The last we heard about the schedule for the Tron Legacy was at their San Diego Comic-Con panel where it was still thought to open sometime in 2011.

Both films are big budget projects that will pump out heavy marketing for themselves so something’s got to give or else they’ll split the holiday crowds.

That's not all though - Also opening that weekend, the same weekend James Cameron’s Avatar opens this year, are The Smurfs and Yogi Bear, both of which are in 3D. That means the two family movies will have to share the limited amount of 3D-capable screens with Tron Legacy.

At least those two movies are targeted towards different demographics, but wow, that weekend sure will be busy…

Don't be surprised of Tron Legacy shifts back to 2011.

Can that weekend support the opening of these four films or do you think one of them will move out?

As it stands, The Green Hornet, Tron Legacy, The Smurfs & Yogi Bear all open December 17, 2010.

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