'The Green Hornet' International Trailer #2

Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet has been fighting an uphill battle since its inception (no Chris Nolan jokes, please), but Sony Pictures did the comic book pic a favor by releasing a second U.S. trailer that improved significantly upon the first theatrical preview.

Now the second Green Hornet international trailer has arrived and it's a bit heavier on the action than the previous trailers - though it's still difficult to tell whether the film will work as a whole.

Seth Rogen stars in The Green Hornet as playboy-turned masked superhero Britt Reid, who teams up with his recently-deceased father's assistant, Kato (Jay Chou), and sets out to fight crime in the streets of L.A. via a technologically-enhanced, 1960s model Imperial car dubbed the "Black Beauty." The two eventually hatch an ingenious scheme to take down the leader of L.A.'s criminal underworld, Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz): pose as criminals themselves, in order to get closer to the man.

The film reverses the stereotypical hero/sidekick dynamic and makes Reid the wise-cracking, less physically capable member of the crime-fighting team. While it bears more than a passing resemblance to Batman and Iron Man on paper, Green Hornet is much more of a comical adventure and looks to strike a campy tone more in the vein of Dick Tracy or The Spirit serials of the 1930s and 40s - albeit in a modern-day setting.

Will that approach work? Watch the new international Green Hornet trailer to help you decide:

So far the hand-to-hand combat in Green Hornet looks competent, if chockfull of what has become standard fare for the comic book movie genre: slo-mo/fast-mo fights, CGI-enhanced shots, etc... The recent trailers have made the film look more like a fun mix of stylish action sequences and lighthearted humor, which bodes well.

There are two big issues that stick out in all of the Green Hornet previews so far:

  1. Chou's comic timing and delivery is noticeably off (English isn't his first language, so it is understandable).
  2. It's still difficult to tell if the movie works as a whole or if it'll feel like a disjointed mix of comedy and big-budget superhero spectacle.

Screenplay credits for The Green Hornet go to Rogen and Evan Goldsberg (Superbad). The two previously collaborated on the stoner action/comedy pic, Pineapple Express, and the results were good, so hopefully they'll deliver this time around as well.

The Green Hornet hits 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on January 14th, 2011.

Source: Sony Pictures

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