Green Hell Trailer Puts Players In Amazonian Survival Simulator

Players should prepare to come down with a serious case of jungle fever as survival simulator Green Hell unveils its announcement trailer.

Like some sort of horror cross between an Uncharted game and 2017's Jungle, Green Hell's male protagonist is tasked with living to fight another day while lost in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Amping up a sense of isolation that (thankfully) many can only imagine, Green Hell could be one to watch in indie gaming circles.

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Revealed by IGN, Green Hell will have a story and survival mode, with Stream's early access this summer focussing on the survival element of the game. For anyone who isn't already intrigued by the premise, Green Hell has released a first-look trailer to explain what it is really all about, which can be viewed above.

Giving the game's lead only a radio crackling with a familiar voice to guide the way, players have to traipse through the harsh jungle in search of civilization. As the trailer makes clear, Green Hell is a move away from the standard survival horror but looks almost perfectly made for a VR experience.

Green Hell survival horror game

The brainchild of the aptly named developers Creepy Jar, Green Hell dumps gamers in the vast undergrowth of the Amazon in a huge open world adventure. While here, they are forced to do battle with everything from infection to parasites in a deadly race to salvation. The company says that it has tried to recreate the real-life conditions of being trapped in the Amazon, which has led to an unnervingly realistic game.

Similar to the likes of Bioshock, the unnamed man wakes up in a strange place with no recollection of how he got there, piecing together a larger story as the game goes on. Added to the struggle of survival against deadly predators and poisonous plants, players are warned that they will have to actually check their character's body for injuries and make sure that nothing nasty is crawling under the skin.

Considering that Creepy Jar is founded by a bunch of developers who worked on 2015's unnerving survival horror Dying Light, it should give some indication of what Green Hell can bring to the table.  For anyone still wanting to know more, Creepy Jar has promised a live Twitch stream on May 16 at 12pm PDT to explain Green Hell to its potential fans. As a totally unique experience that is founded in reality, Green Hell looks to be a game that quite literally gets under the skin and refuses to budge from there.

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Source: IGN

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