'Green Arrow' TV Show Casts '90210' Actor in Lead

There's been a certain amount of buzz concerning the upcoming Green Arrow TV show. On the one hand, some Smallville fans are upset that The CW isn't spinning-off the Green Arrow character portrayed by actor Justin Hartley on the now-finished Superman origin show. On the other hand, those who never really got into Smallville are happy that the character is getting a fresh start.

Of course, one big issue facing the series is the choice of the lead actor who will play Green Arrow and his alter-ego Olvier Queen, a playboy industrialist who becomes a radical politician /costumed vigilante armed with technologically-enhanced arrows.

Deadline reports that The CW is tapping Stephen Amell to take the leading role in Green Arrow. The actor has a long resume of TV guest spots, punctuated by recent extended gigs on The Vampire Diaries, 90210, and HBO's now-canceled sex comedy, Hung. With his Abercrombie looks and muted demeanor, Amell isn't the immediate name that comes to mind when thinking of a fitting Oliver Queen - and truth be told, this news has that familiar sense of unease that came with the news that Adrieanne Palicki (GI Joe 2) was playing Wonder Woman in NBC's stalled pilot for that DC comic character.

In the comics, Queen is a kind of rougish Robin Hood type and outspoken leftist; if anything, this TV pilot sounds more in line with the recent DC Comics "New 52" Reboot of the character, in which Queen is much more of a Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark type. It wouldn't be surprising if the showrunners went that route, since the New 52 Reboot was partly an attempt by the DC Comics and Warner Bros. to make their superheroes more fitting for multimedia implementation - meaning, better fits for TV shows and movies (see also: The upcoming Superman reboot movie).

We'll find out if DC's multimedia overhaul was effective when Green Arrow enters into this Fall's TV pilot battle royal, fighting for a spot on the fall schedule.

Source: Deadline

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