'Arrow' Actress Talks Relationship Between Huntress & The Emerald Archer

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Last year, when CW announced that they intended to develop a TV series around DC hero Green Arrow, television fans and industry insiders alike balked at the idea - especially when it was revealed that the show would not be tied to the network's prior superhero effort, Smallville. However, thanks to a gritty tone and intriguing performance from Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, Arrow has become one of the most talked-about fall debuts and a long list of DC comic book cameos scheduled for the near-future should keep the show's momentum going.

Ever since the premiere struck ratings gold, the cast has, understandably, been doing a lot of interviews - and, subsequently, revealing interesting new Arrow details. The latest update comes from actress Jessica De Gouw, who is set to debut in episode six of the series, as fan-favorite anti-heroine, Huntress.

De Gouw's first Arrow appearance will be November 14th in the episode, "Legacies." While CW has yet to reveal an official synopsis for "Legacies," as we've previously reported, Huntress is expected to cross paths with Green Arrow when the lady-archer goes after a Starling City mob boss following the murder of her family.

The actress recently spoke with the Australian outlet, Perth Now, about her role on the show - and how her character mirrors Green Arrow's journey to vigilante activity:

She's kind of like the female version of Arrow in that they're vigilantes with a vendetta to see through, but then they come up against each other because he thinks that she is ruled by emotion and revenge.

Based on her description of the upcoming encounter, it's easy to assume that Huntress will show Green Arrow an even darker side of being vigilante - causing the hero to do a bit of internal reflection about where he draws the line between vengeance and cold blooded murder. It's a lesson he'll need to learn - especially when he comes face-to-face with heavy-hitters like Deathstroke the Terminator.

Jessica De Gouw cast as The Huntress on Arrow

De Gouw also commented on that "darker" approach to superheroes that has helped Arrow attract non-comic book fans in addition to the expected Smallville crowd.

"People love their comic books [...] It has already got such a support and a strong foundation and you know people are going to watch it [...] This is more dark and gritty and is kind of more along the lines of Christopher Nolan's Batman."

The soon-to-be-Huntress certainly isn't the first cast member to throw around "Christopher Nolan's Batman" comparisons - as the phrasing has become a pretty standard selling point in Hollywood for non-Marvel superhero properties (including Arrow). However, unlike some projects that might use the line to hype up support for a lesser-known, or downright underwhelming comic book adaptation, Arrow really does draw a lot of comparisons to Nolan's Batman trilogy, since they are both essentially crime dramas with larger-than-life hero protagonists (and antagonists).

We'll have to wait and see whether that formula will work out for Arrow in the long run, since the show's procedural format could get repetitive over multiple seasons. That said, for now, we're definitely excited to see the CW flesh-out Starling City and it's "darker" comic book inhabitants.


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Source: Perth Now [via CBM]

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