The New Green Arrow Could Replace Oliver Queen In The Arrowverse

Oliver and Emiko Queen as Green Arrows

Could the new Green Arrow be poised to replace Oliver Queen as the city's primary vigilante on Arrow? The series' midseason finale saw Oliver Queen abandon vigilantism to take up a new role to save his city, while revealing the identity of the mysterious new Green Arrow who took up Ollie's mantle while he was in imprisoned for seven months: Emiko Queen, his half-sister.

Arrow season 7's new Green Arrow isn't the first time the show has suggested someone else could take up Oliver Queen's legacy of vigilantism. The character of Roy Harper, who was Green Arrow's first sidekick in the comics, was introduced halfway through Arrow's first season. Roy would later pretend to have been the Green Arrow and faked his own death in season 3. Later, in season 6, Oliver honestly did try to retire from being Green Arrow to focus on being a father to William Clayton - a boy he unknowingly fathered before he was presumed lost at sea for five years. Oliver's right-hand man, John "Spartan" Diggle took up Oliver's hood and bow at his request, but eventually forsook it when circumstances brought Oliver back into the game.

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Though Oliver asked Diggle to become the Green Arrow once again before going to prison in  Arrow season 6 finale, Diggle ultimately decided to reject Oliver's request, believing he was doing more good in his new position as a field commander for the anti-terrorism group ARGUS than he could as a lone masked vigilante. Thankfully, a new Green Arrow, who was seemingly unaffiliated with Team Arrow, appeared on the scene to help save Star City at a time when crime was rampant, the police force was overwhelmed and the newly elected Mayor Pollard was more interested in bringing down vigilantes than the gangs and Triads that ran Star City's underworld. This new Green Arrow was recently revealed to be Oliver Queen's half-sister.

Arrow Emikio Queen New Green Arrow

Though the woman has yet to be identified by name, it is presumed she will be revealed as Emiko Queen. In the comics, Emiko was a half-sister of Oliver Queen, who, for a time, attempted to replace him as Green Arrow, after having been raised to hate the Queen Family by a long-time rival of Oliver and Emiko's father, Robert Queen. This seems likely given that the story of Arrow's seventh season borrows heavily from the comics of Jeff Lemire - the writer who co-created Emiko Queen as well as Ricardo Diaz and the Longbow Hunters, who are the chief villains of the season so far.

With Oliver Queen now having taken up a position as a consultant with the Star City Police Department as of the Arrow season 7 midseason finale, there is little reason why the new Green Arrow cannot continue to wear his mantle and go on to replace Oliver Queen as Green Arrow on the world stage in the Arrowverse. Given that Oliver's focus is, as always, narrowed upon saving his city, this would allow him to follow his heart while his legacy continues. It would also offer an exciting new avenue for actor Stephen Amell, who seems unlikely to leave Arrow anytime soon regardless of what name he is using or costume he is wearing.

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