Arrow's Stephen Amell on Potential for Green Arrow DCEU Movie

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Arrow Season 4 Episode 23

There are changes afoot in the DC Extended Universe after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to perform as expected at the box office. Some of those changes are in regards to who will be responsible for the cinematic arm of the DCEU, as longtime producer Charles Roven is out and former Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns is now in charge of the DCEU's future.

In addition to his involvement with DC comics, as evidenced by his recent money-back guarantee on DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Johns has helped guide DC's television endeavors with shows like CW's Arrow and The Flash. While Arrow shares some of the darker color palates and grittiness of its big-screen siblings, The Flash is much brighter and more optimistic in tone, reflecting the "hope and optimism" that Johns hopes to bring to the movies. But with that being the case, is there hope that there might finally be some crossover between the TV shows and movies?

According to a recent interview Arrow star Stephen Amell gave to Larry King, the answer to that is "probably not." provides video of the interview and a transcript of some of Amell's comments, and according to him, Warner Bros. has no immediate plans to bring the Green Arrow character to the big screen, either with or without Amell in the role. King asked about the possibility of a Green Arrow movie, and Amell indicated that while it might be easier to cross over the two mediums than in the past, that didn't mean it will happen anytime soon:

"Well, I'm, I mean it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films, but I don't know, those are things that exist out..."

Stephen Amell as Oliver in Arrow season 4 episode 5

King then brought up Ezra Miller being cast as the movie incarnation of The Flash instead of Grant Gustin, something that wouldn't have happened if it had been up to Amell, and Amell responded that "the cinematic universe and the television universe are separate," which means he "might not be" cast as Green Arrow if the character ever comes to the big screen. When King asked if that bugged Amell, he dodged the question by mentioning that Warner Bros. didn't seem eager to bring Green Arrow to the big screen in the first place:

"I've spoken with people within DC and they've said there's no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change."

Green Arrow is an important character to the DC universe, and as Warner Bros. expands the DCEU movies it would certainly make sense for them to add him to the roster. With the wall that has gone up between the movies and TV shows, though, even if there does end up being a big-screen Green Arrow it seems unlikely that it will be Amell. That said, with Warner Bros. looking to shake things up after Batman V Superman, anything is possible. Arrow fans are very passionate about the show, as evidenced by their reaction to its recent season finale, and if Warner Bros. thinks they can gain some much-needed fan support by bringing Amell on board for the movies, then maybe they will do just that.

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