Green Arrow Blames Justice League For Killing His Sidekick?

Booster Gold may have killed Roy Harper in DC's Universe, but there's at least one superhero who's going to be holding Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman responsible. And believe us, the Green Arrow can sure hold a grudge.

Our preview of Green Arrow #45 offers one of the first looks at the DC Universe in the wake of the Heroes in Crisis crossover event - which began with the mass shooting deaths of The Flash, Arsenal, and several other heroes yet to be identified. Confirming that Roy Harper really is gone, the heroes, friends, and loved ones who surrounded him have gathered at his funeral to say their goodbyes. But for now, it appears Oliver Queen may be tempted to turn his heartbreak into hate.

According to him, it was Sanctuary that killed Roy - the creation of the Justice League's big three heroes.

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Roy Harper battled his addictions for years, before seeming to have the problem under control in recent canon. So seeing him included as one of the patients of Sanctuary, a mental health and counseling center for superheroes was unexpected, but understandable. But Roy's decisions in managing his addiction have almost nothing to do with his death, coming in a completely unpredictable shooting. Unfortunately, Green Arrow has never seen that straight when clouded by his emotions.

Take a look at the preview pages from Green Arrow #45 below:

Before the closing panels shift the issues narration to Oliver's perspective, the opening pages pay a fitting tribute to the life, the work, and the heroism of Roy Harper. Whether fans called him Arsenal, Red Arrow, or Speedy, it was his Rebirth incarnation that embraced his childhood connections to his 'brother' from his time in the Spokane Native American tribe. And having lived through the trails pointed out in the opening eulogy, it's even more shocking to have lost him not to a great fight, an incredible villain, or even a small, but meaningful sacrifice.

Perhaps if that that had been the case, Oliver Queen could accept the sacrifice - could put meaning or purpose to the loss. But as the final panel shows, Oliver is still looking for someone to blame for Roy's death. And instead of pinning the blame on Booster Gold (who's suffering from some serious mental trauma) he's blaming Sanctuary. With Batman already having lost faith in the idea, the hope of seeing DC's heroes rebuild seemed unlikely. Add Green Arrow's indictment, and his may not be the last finger pointed at Sanctuary's creators.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

  • GREEN ARROW (2018) #45
  • Published: October 3, 2018
  • Writer: Julie Benson & Shawna Benson
  • Art: Javier Fernandez
  • Cover Artist: Alex Meleev
  • Variant Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
  • In this Heroes in Crisis tie-in, Oliver Queen is forced to take a hard look at himself and evaluate his methods after he fails one too many times trying to do the right thing. It’s a dark, depressing stroll down memory lane for the Emerald Archer, as Oliver must come to grips with how he’s hurt the people around him. This issue guest-stars members of the Justice League and the Titans, but are they there to console Ollie…or condemn him?

Green Arrow #45 will be available October 3rd, 2018 from DC Comics.

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