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"Who ya gonna call?" You all know the answer... The Ghostbusters franchise practically defined the 1980s. The first film had a unique mix of supernatural horror, dry humor, and relatable "average joe" characters. Although they never quite lived up to their predecessor, a sequel, a comic book series,

a cartoon, and a 2016 reboot followed. Surprisingly the best thing to come out of all these spinoffs was The Real Ghostbusters, a cartoon that followed the original team as they busted their way through all the creepy inhabitants of NYC. The show was a huge hit and ran for seven seasons before its cancellation in 1991.

The Real Ghostbusters toys were about as good as you can get. They were created by the legendary company Kenner (which you'll see quite often on this list) and consisted of a ton of different characters, gadgets, and vehicles from the show. Right off the bat these things were a hit; the first wave was made up of the show's main characters (Venkman, Winston, Egon, Stantz, Slimer, and Stay Puft) but eventually spun off to include just about every single ghost that appeared on the show!

Perhaps the most awesome things to come out of this line were the Ecto-Plazm (a colored goop that could be used with many of the line's playsets and figures) and the life-sized Proton Pack. Just the fact that we could create our own adventures using the Ecto 1 and Stay Puft outside of the Ghostbusters Fire House was cool enough!

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