Great New Images From 'Where The Wild Things Are'


Last week we reported on the awesome poster for Spike Jonze's newest creation Where The Wild Things Are. It hinted at another wildly creative experience of the sort that we've come to know and love from Jonze over the years. But at the same time it did not give us enough to be able to guess just what the heck the film is going to be like (by doing such interesting and unique things as, for example, cutting out half the head of one of the main characters - how many movie posters like that do you see?).

Getting ever closer to the film's release (which was delayed from what should have been an October 2008 release), we have a bunch of new images from the film. And as you can see below, the brilliance of the poster wasn't just a fluke of great design - the creativity is just as present in the film itself from what we can see in these images.


For larger versions and more images head over to USA Today.

I'm a big fan of movies which are creative and unique - ones which stand alone from more mainstream fare, and as a result are extremely re-watchable. With that sort of film you can pick up on all those little things you may have missed the first time around. And Wild Things is certainly shaping up to be one of those films.

Although I'm annoyed that there were problems behind the scenes which ultimately resulted in the film getting delayed for a full year, I'm still glad it was made and is coming out now, not being relegated to the shelf for years, as happens to some of movies.


All of the above images (and the rest which you can see over at USA Today) are just fantastic, but I particularly like the second and third ones - the contrast between the wide shot of the open space and the close up of the two characters staring at each other is strangely alluring.

What do you make of these images and the film in general? Are you a fan of Jonze's other work (such as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation)?

Where The Wild Things Are is scheduled to be released on October 16th this year.

Source: USA Today and Cinematical

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