Another Great Movie Resource: MovieClips.Com

With the advent of Hulu, the proliferation of YouTube, and the inclusion of every kind of applet, java-doodad and plug-in available to web users, you might wonder why another organization would step into the ring of digital media combat. Well, MovieClips.Com has done just that, is knuckled up and ready to rock.

Movie Clips has launched in beta with a catalog of more than 12,000 two-minute streaming clips from movies of all kinds.

What the site really has going for it are the licensing deals with six major Hollywood studios including 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. That is groundbreaking, and it means that the clips that you use and refer to online will still be there even after the studios find them because - well good grief, they agreed to let it be there.

All of the clips are available for free via an ad-supported network that links to third-party sites where users can either rent or purchase full-length films, giving you a true smorgasbord of potential entertainment that few others can match.

Movie Clips also arms New Media-educated surfers with a video player that can be embedded on your website, blogs, social networks like Facebook and MySpace, Twitter and more.

Think it's easy being a "database of movie clips from 6 different movie studios?"

How about being able to search the site based on dialog, mood or actors? Still not enough for you? Let's search by best kiss, or holidays or hero you love to hate or chick flicks? It's all there and ready to search right now.

Movie Clips is another great tool in the never-ending hunt to find and share more of your favorite movie content, and will be a very welcome addition to my feature articles and news notes here at Screen Rant. All of Movie Clips' content can be found by accessing their website here.

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Source: Movie Clips

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