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Prey 2

It was a small miracle that 2006's Prey ever saw release at all, after ten years of development. Duke Nukem Forever, also from publisher 3D Realms, had to be rescued from the developer before got to customers. After Prey's lengthy and troubled production cycle, it almost seemed like a joke

when the game ended with the cryptic words, "Prey will continue..."

Prey 2 was in development with 3D Realms and original developer Human Head Games before the rights to the series were sold to ZeniMax Media, but the game continued under the watchful eye of Bethesda Softworks, and was shown to the public several times. Players would take control of U.S. Marshall Killian Samuels, a passenger on the jet which is shown crashing in the original game. Samuels would subsequently awake several years later, an amnesiac bounty hunter. As Samuels, the player would encounter Tommy, the playable character from the first game, and work as a bounty hunter while unraveling the mystery of their lost memory.

Like so many cancelled games, the title quietly disappeared, first being delayed temporarily, then indefinitely, before being permanently removed from the schedule. While the game essentially disappeared in 2012, it wasn't until 2014, during PAX Australia, that the game was officially declared dead.

Maybe the franchise will return one day; 2016 is Prey's 10th anniversary. Maybe a current-gen remaster is in the cards?

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