10 Great Gifts For Fans Of IT

IT: Chapter Two is coming soon to theatres so no better time than fans of Pennywise and the heroes of Derry, Maine to get some of these great gifts!

In 1986, Stephen King released the book IT, which featured Pennywise the Dancing Clown. In 1990, a two-part miniseries version of this came on TV. In 2017, a feature film came out, and the second chapter will be released in theaters soon. Some people always prefer written words over on-screen visuals. Some people like the updated look that Pennywise has these days. And all fans can agree that this is one thrilling story! 

This gift guide exists for those who can’t get enough of King’s work, who can’t wait to watch the second movie and who love re-reading and re-watching these characters face their fears. 

10 We All Float Down Here T-Shirt 


This is one awesome tee, with this famous line from the story and that creepy red balloon. This shirt is also tagless and super soft, making it extra comfy to wear, and it has a unisex design, making it work for men and women, kids and adults.

The inks used are vibrant, durable and resistant to cracks, ensuring that the design lasts a lifetime. Anyone who buys this T-shirt receives it as a present and/or wears it out in the world is sure to get some compliments from others who appreciate all it offers. 

9 Pinsanity Red Balloon Pin


Another way to show off this quote is with this enamel pin. It is 1.25 inches tall, with a 2mm thickness, and it would look great on the collar of a jacket, on a backpack, in a bulletin board and in other spots where fellow fans can spy this bright red accessory.

It is made of high-quality materials, with a gold-colored brass plating and hard enamel. Small and affordable options like this pin are always smart, as they make nice little “just because” gifts for people who love this book and movie starring Pennywise. 

8 Pennywise and Georgie Heat Reveal Coffee Mug 


This mug holds 11 ounces. It is made from ceramic. It is officially licensed. It is printed in the USA. Oh, and it is magic. Upon first glance, this seems like a basic black mug. But once a hot beverage is poured into it, the heat causes an image to be revealed… an image from IT!

Georgie is seen in his yellow rain slicker, and Pennywise, lurking in the dark like he often does, is seen holding a red balloon. This creepy image, which appears in a neat way, is sure to excite lots of people!

7 Derry Maine Poster 


As true fans know, IT takes place in Derry, Maine, and an amazing gift idea is this Derry-themed travel poster. It is framed, with thick UV-blocking acrylic and a rigid backing, so that it stays protected and looks quite nice when hanging on a wall.

The main attraction in this art is a Paul Bunyan statue, which has a notable role in this story. A closer look at this poster shows a paper boat and eyes peeking out from the sewer. This summarizes this eerie town in a great way, and this would make a neat addition to any home.

6 SS Georgie Long Sleeve T-Shirt 


Speaking of that paper boat… Poor little Georgie was just playing with his ship in the rain until he met Pennywise and met his end. Fans can honor this character with this T-shirt, which displays the boat and its name.

This is a custom, timeless gift, with a classic fit. This tee, which is made out of 100 percent cotton, would work for an array of recipients, so keep this in mind when shopping for birthdays, holidays or random moments when a little bit more of the King of Horror needs to be shared. 

5 7” Action Figure - Ultimate Pennywise 


As mentioned, before these modern-day movies existed, there was a 1990 miniseries that told this story, and the Pennywise in that looked like this. An action figure like this one - which stands seven inches tall - is a wise choice, since young fans can play with it, and older fans can display it with other movie memorabilia.

This particular one also comes with four interchangeable heads, an alternate monster hand, a noisemaker, balloons and a paper boat, in order to show off this dancing clown in a variety of ways. It comes in a window box with an opening flap, too!

4 Pennywise 3D Sculpted Mug


Here is another product that is inspired by IT and that is so cool! This mug is bigger than the other one on this list, as it holds 21 ounces. It is sculpted with lots of details to show off Pennywise in a neat way.

The ceramic design is also free of BPA and toxins. A morning cup of coffee would taste extra special in this mug, or this item could just serve as a decorative conversation piece, sitting out to hold flowers or pens or put up on a special shelf in a fan’s house. 

3 Clue IT Board Game 


Clue is an iconic board game, and this version is based on the IT film from 2017.

As usual, players must work to answer “who” (as in “who will Pennywise target next?”). Those who partake in this game get to play as one of the seven kids from the Losers Club and with six sculpted tokens inspired by the book/flick, such as a paper boat and Richie’s glasses. Fans of all ages will enjoy taking their interest in this story a step further and playing a fun-filled and creepy game with friends and family members!

2 Funko Pop! Pennywise 


The well-known brand Funko Pop wins awards and tops lists of great toys/collector’s items, which is evident with this next action figure; it shows Pennywise in all his glory... with a severed arm.

This must-have item is exclusive to Amazon, stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in a window box for easy displaying. Once again, figurines like this can mix and mingle with others like it, can stay sitting pretty in a box, can brighten up a desk at work and can surprise fans, as this is another affordable and awesome gift idea. 

1 It: A Novel 


And, of course, those who are excited about this new movie should own the book by Stephen King, which is a number-one New York Times bestseller about seven adults who return to Derry, in order to face the monster lurking in the sewers.

It is a classic story that thrills in all the right ways, and it is available on Kindles, as a hardcover, in paperback form and as an audiobook. Whether someone is re-reading this novel, turning to it for the first time or wanting to share it with a fellow fan, this is a must-own item. 

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