12The Background Dancers Had Names

Background Dancers Summer Lovin Grease

Anyone who has browsed IMDB has probably noticed that background characters don’t usually have names. Instead, characters are usually described by their job (Security Guard #1), appearance (Fat Man) or just a general summing up of their role (Second Clerk, Third Dancer, Diner Customer #4, etc).

However, in Grease, all

twenty of the principal background dancers were given character names. These were never used in the film itself, and aren’t often credited, but reportedly included such gems as: Sauce, Trix, CeeCee, Woppo, Midge, Moose and Bubba. Although some were undoubtedly a little more conventional, it would have been hilarious to hear Moose and Trix calling to each other in the background!

Grease Carnival Scene
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