'The Graysons' Scrapped Before It Started

The CW have scrapped their plans to produce an origins-type show based on the pre-Robin days of Dick Grayson, called... The Graysons.

The decision to axe the show came from the same guy who first approved it, Warner Bros. production president Jeff Robinov.  Was Jeff reading Screen Rant?

When The Graysons was first announced, as we reported in early October, no one really took to it out here in the net-verse and to be honest, I wasn't sure how we'd feel watching what should have been a pre-teen, whose parents eventually die.

In the comics mythos, Dick Grayson develops into the potential of what was to become Robin, the crime-fighting partner of The Batman, and then in later years, evolve into Nightwing.

But that very well could be the hang up.  It's been said that there were concerns that The Graysons, being on-air during the release of Batman movies in theaters could be a distraction from the silver screen effort. They think that Smallville had something to do with the weak box-office performance of the 2006 effort, Superman Returns. (Dudes: I don't think Smallville was the problem.)

The Graysons was slated to fill the slot that Smallville will be vacating, if it indeed closes out its existence on television this season. No one has said anything otherwise, but there are suspicions (hopes) out there that Smallville will continue for at least another season.

There are other issues in play behind it all.

Around the "halls" (email) of Screen Rant, we fellow scribes got to talking about some aspects of this issue.  Carl Lee wondered what with Marvel bringing The Avengers to the screen, you'd think that Warner Bros. would need to mount a similar, competitive effort.

But Vic reminded us that Nolan has stated that there are no superheroes in his Batman universe. If WB wants to merge characters, they'll probably be doing it without Nolan and probably without Bale.  To me, if WB tried moving forward with such an effort, it would be complicated.

If WB actually gave it a go, we'd probably get another version (different actor) of Batman.  And that kind of discontinuity is distracting and disappointing.

If WB could somehow bring it together, Robert Keyes thinks it would be amazing to see Christian Bale on screen with Brandon Routh as Supers and Ryan Gosling as Green Lantern. The fans would probably eat that up.

Since I like Nightwing, if the WB is all hot and bothered to expand on the DC universe, they could consider bringing Nightwing to the small screen to replace Smallville.  He's got the obvious relationship to Batman, but isn't his partner.  With how the team has reinvented Clark Kent, it's doable.  It would be like CSI meets DC.  Detective work, drama, action.  It could have it all.

Then they could use the show to keep people guessing - energize the viewing public's curiosity as to if or when Batman might show up or be mentioned. This could even be used as a marketing tool to hint at upcoming Batman movies without having Nightwing actually appear in the movie.  It could work.  (Or it's the caffeine talking again.)  I mean come on, we just saw a red cape on Smallville last week!  Twist it up, keep it fresh.  (No, it's not what you think... really.)

Robert went on to voice his opinion that the Graysons idea being let go was a good one.  He didn't think there'd be any value or worthy stories to the Graysons premise.  Without super powers and meteor freaks, who exactly would young Dick Grayson fight?  School scandals and teen smoking issues?

Robert also echoed the desire of some of our readers when he said (WB, are you reading this?) WB should continue Smallville under the premise of Metropolis or Superman and continue with the developing story of his evolving character, whichever way that might be with the present creative team of Smallville.  As Robert put it, "It's not like the cast has anything else going on, heh."

As it stands, one of our newer writers, Carl Lee, said that having Nolan's concerns addressed would mean keeping heroes in their own respective cities, towns or farms, saying that WB can make it fly with multiple cities and multiple heroes.  No guest appearances, no nuthin!

But that's just the chatter here, in the "halls" of Screen Rant.

As it's going, Warner Bros. is really allowing the scenario to get complicated and if they're hoping to compete with the Avengers, they need to start doing something bigger than something on the small screen.  Get it focused and under one vision.  Kind of like what they're doing in Smallville, with the Justice League (Which I suspect is a platform they're probably considering taking Smallville's place) and the upcoming appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  (Oops, did I just let something slip?  Stupid fingers.)

For now, we know The Graysons will not swing into our living rooms, so we won't have to find out how they were going to make the premise work.  But now, we wait and see what WB does end up doing.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Source: Variety

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