Gravity Falls' Mystery Shack Has Different Names In Other Countries

International audiences have experienced some big changes to Gravity Falls, and none may be as significant as the different names given to the Mystery Shack. The original animated series debuted on Disney Channel in 2012 in the United States. Gravity Falls wasn't a massive hit from the get-go, but the Alex Hirsch created show did gain a dedicated following in a short time. The fandom wasn't enough to keep the series alive beyond a second season, although the ending of Gravity Falls had more to do with Hirsch's plan for his show.

In the years since Gravity Falls ended though, these fans have continued to dive deep into the series, and the show keeps accumulating new fans. The growing interest comes from overseas too, but fans who are stateside may be surprised to learn that Gravity Falls goes through a couple of changes for the different markets.

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Screen Rant's latest video takes a look at several of these changes, but the one that fans are most caught off guard by is what happens to the Mystery Shack. The tourist destination in Gravity Falls, Oregon is a staple of Gravity Falls. It is owned by Stan Pines and is where the show's two stars, Dipper and Mabel, often reside. But, as much as viewers stateside are used to the name of the shop, international audiences are often treated to a different name altogether. Check out the video mentioned above at the top of this post for more Gravity Falls facts, as we're going to dive into the Mystery Shack's rebrandings.

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

Whenever the Mystery Shack name is changed overseas, the tendency is to replace one part of the title with a new word. For instance, Japan calls the business the Mystery House, so they are merely swapping house in for shack. Italy does something similar in changing the last word, so Mystery Kingdom is their title. Arabic speaking countries know the location as Mystery Hut, while some areas shorten that down to just The Hut. Meanwhile, the Dutch version of Gravity Falls changes the name to Riddle Shack and Russia calling it Wonders Shack.

Even though Mystery Shack may not keep its name in some other versions of the show, the critical piece of information here is that the key elements to it don't change. The look of the store remains the same as does the purpose it serves in the larger story. At most, the biggest problem this could cause is a minor case of it being lost in communication with fans around the world. That said, the similarities in the different titles should make it easy for fans to get on the same page and share their love of Gravity Falls.

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