Gravity Falls: 5 Fan Theories That Could Be True (& 5 We Hope Aren’t)

Gravity Falls was the short-lived but beloved cartoon series that aired on the Disney Channel. Despite only airing for two seasons, the show wasn't canceled, it just ended when the creator felt the timing was right and had told the story he set out to tell.

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However, its popularity was monumental for Disney and there is plenty of merchandise for fans who want to continue living in the world created by Alex Hirsch. The series was so popular and set in such a strange world that it is has manifested countless fan theories. We're taking a look at some we hope are true and some we definitely hope are not.

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10 Hopefully not: Mabel's evil twin theory

A Youtube user named The Spoon has compiled evidence that may indicate Mabel actually has an evil twin by the name of Lebam. The information didn't even come from the show itself but from one of its short films. The main issue with this theory is that it just doesn't have many purposes.

Why would Mabel need to have an evil twin? Especially if, as some have suggested, her twin is a non-human entity such as a doll or a llama, of all things. The series may get pretty eccentric at times but even that is pushing reality a little too far.

9 Hopefully: Bill Cipher is still alive

At the end of Gravity Falls, we're lead to believe that Bill Cipher is gone for good. But what if that weren't the case? There is a moment where he invokes an incantation that will let him come back in the future. Plus, there are hints in the book Mabel and Dipper read.

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It's kind of cool when series leave a mysterious ending where you can believe that maybe the villain is still out there somewhere, biding their time, regaining strength, before they make their grand return. Even though the series has ended, perhaps it could be revisited sometime in the future when Dipper and Mabel are kids and they have to return to Gravity Falls to face off against Bill Cipher yet again.

8 Hopefully not: Bill Cipher and Dipper may be the same person

There are a couple of theories floating around on the internet that Bill Cipher is actually a manifestation of Dipper, sometime in the future. We know that Bill possessed Dipper at one point and Gravity Falls is a super strange place. Could it be possible that somehow, Bill maintained Dipper's essence and they merged together in another dimension?

It doesn't make much sense and even if it did, somehow it's a boring twist to an interesting character. What makes Bill Cipher so fascinating is that we don't really know where he came from or his origins. Making him Dipper would be a letdown.

7 Hopefully: Dipper created a time loop to become friends with Wendy

This theory is pretty neat and somewhat creepy depending on how you look at it but ultimately it might be responsible for the reason Dipper and Wendy became such close friends. We know that Dipper actually has feelings for Wendy but due to the fact she is older than him, they can't be together in that way.

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However, in one episode, Dipper time travels and meets a younger version of Wendy who finds Dipper cute. Fast-forward to the present and the two have become important to one another, in a platonic way. Could it be all because of that trip back in time that Dipper took that cemented his presence in her mind?

6 Hopefully not: There isn't anything weird going on in Gravity Falls

This is a theory postulated by various fans on the internet. The idea is that Gravity Falls is really a completely normal place and all the weird oddities and things we see have all been mass-produced and created by Grunkle Stan as a way to drum up business and entice tourists to come to visit the Mystery Shack.

That would be such a bummer! One of the biggest draws to the show is seeing the strange and unexplained, it would certainly be a letdown to discover that all along, Grunkle Stan was pulling the strings.

5 Hopefully: Dipper wrote the journals at a point in time in the future

This theory has mostly been debunked by the series and is probably not true but there are still many different theories out there about how they could be so you never know! Time travel is a big part of the series and once Mabel and Dipper being to mess with it you can't help but wonder what could truly be going on in the past or present of the show.

Despite what we're presented with, the series has always inspired fans to look deeper and practically required it. So why couldn't this be a real possibility?

4 Hopefully not: Gideon is a vampire

This theory comes from a popular YouTuber in the Gravity Falls community known as Valskibum94. Although he claims the idea actually came from a Tumblr user. Either way, it's a pretty strange suggestion.

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While there are some fair points made in the video, like Gideon's pale nature and his obsession with Mabel, it doesn't hold up under closer scrutiny. Could Gideon be an immortal blood-sucking entity? Anything is possible but it's not the most exciting theory out there. For starters, for a vampire, Gideon makes too many mistakes and isn't powerful enough to be anything supernatural.

3 Hopefully: Bill Cipher has a twin

Despite the many twin theories and clone theories on the show, this is one that actually has real weight and evidence in the series and is by far the most intriguing. At the end of Weirdmageddon 3, Bill invoked an ancient Aztec deity that is meant to be the God of twins.

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Plus, in the series, Gideon steps on to the star-shaped spot on the zodiac wheel but it could have been meant for the star demon, or his brother. And in an official Reddit AMA with Bill's character, he is asked if he has family and Bill responds "NOT ANYMORE."

2 Hopefully not: Robbie has an evil clone

Another theory courtesy of YouTube user Valskibum94 presents the idea of Robbie having an evil clone. The evidence suggests that in one scene on the show, Robbie's reflection doesn't match up with his face in the glass.

There is also a scene where Robbie claims to not remember meeting Dipper and that it is because the real Robbie didn't meet Dipper, his clone did. Odds are, this theory is not true and would anyone really want it to be? Robbie wasn't necessarily a fan-favorite character to begin with we don't need two Robbies running around.

1 Hopefully: Mabel will disappear from Gravity Falls

Before anyone gets upset, we aren't suggesting we want Mabel gone, she's a fan-favorite for a reason, but this theory has tons of evidence and it could potentially open up a brand new plotline to give Alex Hirsch a reason to revisit the world we all love so much. This theory was mentioned in a collection of Mabel-themed theories from WattPad user, iamhappydoodah.

It suggests the reason something might happen to Mabel is because of the lone pine on Dipper's hat. It might be a reference to the film, Back to the Future, where Marty hits a pine tree at the Twin Pine Mall. In the future, the mall becomes known as the Lone Pine Mall. Plus, we know Bender threatened to do something to the twins in his travels, did he do something to Mabel?

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