How To Solve Every Gravity Falls' Cryptogram

The fun-loving show Gravity Falls is packed with secret messages, and here's how you can solve every single cryptogram featured in the series. Created by Alex Hirsch, Gravity Falls only ran for two seasons before abruptly ending. This was all by Hirsch's design, though, and not a reflection on how the series was received, especially since the show developed a passionate fan base around a world with a surprisingly rich mythology.

Since Gravity Falls ended, the fandom has only grown as new people discover the show and original fans continue rewatching it. The show is primed for repeat viewings too, with Hirsch planting several pieces of information, cameos, and Easter eggs for hardcore fans to pick up on. And as we recently covered, some fans may want to check out the different versions of the show that exist through translation to see changes that are made, like the Mystery Shack's many names.

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But, one of the repeat mysteries of Gravity Falls is its numerous cryptograms, which are coded messages that require a special key to decipher. There are almost too many cryptograms to count that appear at different points in various episodes, but a staple of Gravity Falls is the new cryptogram featured during the credits of each episode. For casual viewers, these could go over their heads, but for fans looking to solve them, we can help out. Here are the four primary ciphers you'll need to solve the end-credits cryptograms:

  • Caesar cipher: substitute the original letter for the third letter before it in the alphabet (example: A = X)
  • Atbash cipher: reverse letter ordering (example: A = Z)
  • A1Z26 cipher: substitute the number shown with the appropriate letter in alphabetical order (example: 1 = A)
  • Vigenère cipher: a series of Caesar ciphers solved using a keyword and the Vigenère square

Gravity Falls Cryptogram

The first six episodes of Gravity Falls use the Caesar cipher, with the very first cryptogram decoding to "Stan Is Not What He Seems." Episodes 7-13 of the series switch to the Atbash cipher, with episode seven's cryptogram solved as "Paper Jam Dipper Says: 'AUUGHWXQHGADSADUH!'" Episodes 14-19 then use the A1Z26 cipher, with episode 14's cryptogram being "Next Up: 'Footbot Two: Grunkle's Revenge.'" Episode 20 is trickier as it uses a combined cipher, requiring you first to use the A1Z26 cipher, then the Atbash cipher, and finally the Caesar cipher to get "Search For The Blindeye." Every subsequent episode uses the Vigenère cipher and a new keyword.

While this will help you solve the cryptograms at the end of each episode, there are still several other ones that are hidden throughout the series. Even additional material to Gravity Falls has new cryptograms and ciphers for fans to try and crack. The good news is that the answers to most of them have already been discovered and cultivated in the Gravity Falls Fandom Wiki, so fans can learn the answers without having to do all the work. But, if you want to take on the challenge, then the ciphers mentioned above will be the guides. Otherwise, feel free to read up on what each cryptogram translates to.

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