'True Blood' Author Developing 'Grave Sight' Series for Syfy

True Blood creator Charlaine Harris is stepping outside of Bon Temps to develop Grave Sight, a television adaptation of the book series "The Harper Connelly Mysteries," for Syfy.

Announced at Syfy's 2012 upfronts on Tuesday evening, Grave Sight will follow Harper Connelly, who, after being struck by lightning, is able to sense the location and last memories of dead people. Teaming up with her stepbrother Tolliver Lang, the pair attempts to help find a missing teenage girl… only to uncover a network of lies and murders throughout a small town in the Ozarks.

For fans of True Blood, Harper Connelly's premonition-esque abilities do feel extremely similar to those possessed by True Blood character Sookie Stackhouse, who Harris created four years before the similarly-gifted Connelly.

Additionally, other television fans may find the premise similar to those of the now-canceled spiritual series The Ghost Whisperer and Medium. That being said, the differences between Connelly's abilities to those similarly represented on television is that Connelly's abilities are more-or-less passive: she can observe the last memories of the deceased and sense where their bodies are located, but is unable to interact with them in any way.

Differentiating itself in that sense, the focus of Grave Sight will not be the familiar (and often drawn-out) handling of uncooperative spirits that are required to resolve the episodic storylines, but the actual mysteries surrounding their deaths.

Grave Sight - Harper Connelly

Harper Connelly from the 'Grave Sight' comic book

Joining Grave Sight in Syfy's development slate are 27 additional scripted and reality projects, as well as 6 unscripted series orders including Fan Girl/Fan Boy Project from Jersey Shore producer SallyAnn Salsano, Darkfall from The Jim Henson Company and Eyes Of The Dragon from literary mastermind Stephen King.

With so many projects on the burner for Syfy, it's likely that many will never make it to television. However, with Harris' strength in the television industry thanks to True Blood, it would be surprising if this project doesn't receive a series order.


Expect to hear more information on Grave Sight in the coming months

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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