Grant Gustin Has A Few Wedding-Day Jitters for The Flash

Barry Allen is set to marry Iris West soon, but the Crisis on Earth-X event has other plans, and that gives Grant Gustin some concerns.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton in The Flash

By now, it's no surprise that the Crisis on Earth-X event will include the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West, but The Flash star Grant Gustin wonders how fans will react with such a huge moment in the show happening outside the series proper. That might be an unexpected concern for Gustin, considering just how big a deal Barry's wedding is and just how big the crossover is purported to be, but even though the actor has some valid wedding-day jitters, he's also quick to assure fans just what sort of amazing event it will be.

Big weddings are familiar devices for TV shows to create some drama and get a ratings boost in the process. For the Arrowverse, though, it's also guaranteed to bring some bad stuff down on Team Flash, Team Arrow, Supergirl, and the Legends of Tomorrow, which, as it turns out, will come in the form of some Nazi doppelgangers intent on invading Earth. That's about as far from the attraction of a TV wedding as you can get, which is something Gustin is entirely aware of, describing his characters' pending nuptials by saying, "It's a comic book wedding. It's classic, it's beautiful, but obviously things aren't going to be perfect. Something is going to happen."

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Gustin made the comments during a recent set visit to The Flash that Screen Rant participated in, and he was eager to talk about Barry and Iris's wedding and its placement in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover:

Candice Patton and Grant Gustin in The Flash

"We've been leading up to this wedding for a long time and I think it's kind of in some ways fitting that it's part of the crossover because it's also a little strange that we've been leading up to this wedding and it's not even on The Flash; it's technically on a different show. So I'm interested to see how some viewers feel about that, but it's also how it goes. This show started on Arrow and we consistently have had these crossovers and we bring so many characters together for this wedding. It's kind of fitting that it happens somewhere else. I'm excited for everyone to see it."

Gustin's curiosity in the audience's reaction is certainly valid, and it will be interesting to see how hardcore Flash fans think about it. But given the overall excitement for Crisis on Earth-X and the promise of seeing Barry take a huge step forward in his maturation, as both a hero and a young man, it's hard to imagine the placement of the marriage in the crossover will ultimately matter much to those watching.

Besides, when The CW brings the Arrowverse together for these annual events, the idea of there being individual shows with their own separate narratives and agendas sort of becomes moot. That was certainly the case last year when Arrow celebrated its 100th episode during the Invasion! crossover, so perhaps series milestones will soon become a fixture of these superhero showcases as well.

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Crisis on Earth-X begins next Monday with Supergirl and Arrow beginning @8pm. It continues on Tuesday with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow also beginning at @8pm.

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