Grant Gustin Assures Fans Flash Season 4 Will Be 'Fun'

According to Grant Gustin, season 4 of The Flash will see a wiser Barry who is able to have fun again. As we approach the new season, just as much news has been dedicated to the course correction of the series as the new characters that will be seen on the show. Yesterday, word broke that Hazard will be causing trouble for Team Flash. Along with the Thinker, Peak-A-Boo, and a mysterious evil samurai glimpsed in the Comic-Con trailer, Flash and his friends will have plenty of trouble on their hands.

All that chaos won't bring out the darkness on the show, however. Plenty has been said from the minds behind the show that last season was far too bleak and that this fall the show will return to its more joyful roots. Part of that change will be thanks to the mini reset of Barry being stuck in the Speed Force. When he emerges he'll be dealing with certain consequences of his time there, but there will be positive effects as well.

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CBR was on hand during Comic-Con where Grant Gustin spoke about Barry's state of mind during The Flash season 4. After his time in the Speed Force, Barry will emerge with a new perspective on his problems and past. As a result, he'll have a new lease on life.

Grant Gustin as the Flash

“So, I think when he comes out, he’s had this awakening and understanding of things that he’s never done before and he’s been able to let go of a lot of things that initially when we see him he’s also kind of confused and jumbled and it’s been a lot, so he’s not really himself. I got to have a really fun one-off kind of episode for my first episode back, but then — moving forward from that — we’ll see a really positive kind of Barry that will be able to appreciate his powers in a way that we used to see him appreciate them. We’re just going to have more fun this year. It’s going to be good.”

We've heard before that Barry will learn to forgive himself this season, and it looks as if his extended stay in the Speed Force will help him to reach that new level of enlightenment. It's also exciting to hear that Barry will have fun with his powers again.

Part of what's always defined Barry in the comics is his more positive attitude. Despite his hardships, he still loves helping people and being the Flash. With the show once again channeling that energy, The Flash could see its best season yet.


The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

Source: CBR

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